Spined Bucklers wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

Each of the bucklers from this set has two spines, one on either side that slope to a razor sharp tip, giving it the shape of an eye. The main body of the bucklers has a hammered finish while the spines are both polished perfectly smooth. As you initially inspect the bucklers you can not find any way to wear them. There are no straps or handholds, simply an engraved name on the back of each buckler.

While you are are attuned to these bucklers and within 120 feet of them you can gesture or call to one or both of them as an action. When you do so they will fly to you if able, going around obstacles and creatures, before snapping into place on your forearms. They float several inches off your arm, moving with you as if they are attached.
They can not be moved from your arm unless you allow it. When you brush one or both of them off as a bonus action they will fall to the ground.
While wearing these bucklers you can not wield a shield but you gain +1 to your AC. Additionally, you can make melee attacks with proficiency using these bucklers as if they are a Light Finesse weapon and they deal 1d6 Piercing damage.

Box of Swirling Swords wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

You find a cigar box painted a deep red with intricate mahogany trimmings. Inside is several dozen miniature swords. They are about 5 inches long and far too small for anyone but maybe a fairy to hope to use them.

While attuned to this item as an action you can open the box and scatter the swords. When you do so the swords will levitate just before hitting the ground and then start to rise as they enlarge to full sized longswords, surrounding you in a sparse 10 foot sphere for the next hour.
After the hour is up they fall to the ground and shrink back to their original size. If you open the box they will slowly float into it, saving you the trouble of picking them all up.
Once you have used this feature you can not use it again until you complete a long or short rest.

While the swords are surrounding you, you have Half Cover against ranged attacks, you can make an opportunity attack against any creature that leaves this sphere without expending your Reaction, or as a Reaction you can make an opportunity attack against any creature entering this sphere.  Additionally, when you would make a melee attack you can choose to target any creature adjacent to, or inside, this sphere of swords with a magical longsword attack instead.

Scroll of Weapon Mimicking scroll, common

This scroll has runes all along its outside edge and no way that you can discern to activate it. However, if this scroll is damaged by any melee weapon it will begin burning and the sound of crumpling paper can be heard. At the beginning of your next turn it will suddenly harden into a copy of the weapon that damaged it. This copy lasts 1 hour before it once again bursts into flames and then turns to ash. If the weapon is magical it will not copy any of its magical abilities but will perfectly mimic its appearance and basic properties.

Scroll of Loudness scroll, common

This scroll has radiating lines originating from the edges of the parchment and a bold red border. When activated and then re-rolled for the next hour when any creature speaks through the scroll their voice is up to four times as loud. The tighter the scroll is rolled the quieter the sound.

Reynier’s Miniature Raincloud scroll, uncommon

This scroll is sealed with white wax that shimmers in the light and has the crest of a lightning bolt. When the seal is broken a tiny cloud the size of a fist appears 5 feet directly above the scroll. This cloud grows until it is 5 feet wide before beginning to rain. It rains 1d4 gallons of water over the course of 1 minute. This water is perfectly clear and could even be described as glittering. After 1 minute a single lightning bolt strikes the ground from the tiny cloud before it dissipates, and any creature within 5 feet of that point must make a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw or take 1d10 Lightning damage.

Immovable Scroll scroll, common

This scroll is flecked with what looks like pieces of metal and springs open as if it wants to be flat instead of rolled up. You can see a clear outline of a hand within its runes. As an action you can unroll this scroll and place your hand in the outline. When you do so it hardens and becomes magically fixed in place. Until the scroll becomes wet or burns it doesn’t move, even if it is defying gravity. It can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. More weight causes the scroll to shatter. If it does not become wet, burn, or shatter, it will remain in place for the next month before becoming mundane parchment.

G'nehr's Woodland Wrath wondrous, rare

You see a bonsai tree within a simple glass enclosure. It has a well shaped clay dish and cork around its lip, sealing off the glass tube over the small tree. Despite the tree being completely enclosed you can see an obvious breeze swirling around the glass. When you pull the glass off there is a small burst of air and the breeze dissipates.
Each day the tree sheds a single leaf. This leaf does not wither no matter how long it dances along in the breeze within the bottle. Any leaf that is plucked from the tree has no special properties.

If one of these leaves is crushed or ripped Gust is cast. As a bonus action you can control this effect by cupping your hands around the leaf.
If more than three of these leaves are crushed or ripped Gust of Wind is cast. As a bonus action you can control this effect by throwing one of the leaves into the wind in the direction you want it to go.
If there is ever more than 10 leaves in one place, or the bonsai container is opened when there is more than 10 leaves, Wind Wall is immediately cast in whatever shape the DM chooses.

Timeless. On a successful DC 14 Nature check you estimate that this bonsai must be hundreds of years old, and is in excellent condition, yet you see no signs of it needing to be watered. You reason that it must somehow subsist on sunlight alone within its glass enclosure.

G'nehr's Verse of the Vineyard wondrous, rare

You find a roughly-hewn branch with a cork stopper in one end. Inside is a yellowed parchment with a song written on it in druidic.
You are able to sing this ballad perfectly so long as you are able to read it, almost as if you have always known it. If you sing the entire song during a long or short rest, and are in an area suitable for growing plants, vines and saplings begin to spring from the ground with the tallest tendrils stretching to meet your hands like flowers stretch towards the sun.
You may choose one piece of the plants to help you before they stop growing.

Leaves. You take three small shoots with a leaf on them. You can sing a portion of the ballad while placing one of these leaves over a wound as an action. When you do so it will heal the creature for 1d4 hit points before becoming non-magical.

Young tendrils. You take several young tendrils and they wind themselves together into a whip. On a successful hit with this whip you can choose to sing a portion of the ballad as a bonus action. When you do so the tendrils spring to life wrapping around the creature and any terrain nearby before becoming non-magical. The target creature is Restrained and must make a DC 13 Strength check at the end of each of its turns to free itself.

Mature vine. You take a single mature vine, around 15 feet in length when uncurled. As an action if you begin to sing a portion of the ballad it will slowly writhe and begin to grow once again. It can grasp onto any stationary object of your choice within 15 feet or any inanimate object of your choice it is touching. After it latches on it becomes a non-magical vine 50 feet long and is strong enough to hold up to 500 pounds.

G'nehr's Arboreal Arsenal wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This appears to be a wooden gauntlet made from gnarled oak and a tough brown fabric. Each of the solid wooden slabs fastened to the back of the gauntlet has a different rune on it and on its front it has a circular hole cut from the palm. This gauntlet holds 5 charges and regains 1 expended charge each morning at dawn.

If you are within arm’s reach of a tree as an action you can expend a change and press your hand against the tree to draw a weapon or ammunition from it. This can be any weapon you are proficient with or 1d4 pieces of ammunition for any weapon you are proficient with. The look and feel of the weapon differs slightly depending on the type of tree you pull it from but it does not affect its function in any meaningful way.
On a critical failure with any weapon created this way, or after 1 day without being submerged in water, it splinters into pieces.
If you spend an action to return a weapon created this way (that has not splintered) to any tree within arms reach, the gauntlet regains an expended charge.

Grinder of Many Spices wondrous, uncommon

This mahogany grinder has a simple oak inlay and is smooth from use. When the handle is turned new well ground fresh spices come out as you would expect, but it seems like it’s never the same spice twice.
This grinder has 3 charges and it regains all charges on a short rest.
You can turn the handle of the grinder either clockwise or counterclockwise, expending a charge each time you do so. When the handle is turned roll 1d10 to determine the spice that is ground. Clockwise, and the spices nicely fall from the grinder with no special effects. Counter-clockwise and after a small delay large shards of spices spew from the mouth of grinder up to 15 feet away affecting anything they hit in strange ways. You can make an ranged attack against a creature within range and on a hit the spice effect takes place. If you have multiple attacks this replaces one of them.


  1. Salt.The target creature takes 1d4 Piercing damage and is compelled to attack you with its next attack.
  2. Peppercorn. The target takes 1d4 Fire damage and 1d4 Piercing damage from the spicy shards.
  3. Paprika. The target feels a burning sensation and must succeed an Intelligence saving throw DC 12 or use their next action to try to “put out the fire”.
  4. Nutmeg. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw DC 12 or be Charmed for the next minute or until they take damage.
  5. Thyme. Spines of dried thyme pierce the target doing 1d10 Piercing damage.
  6. Oregano. A small 5 foot cloud of oregano forms around the target Blinding them until the end of their next turn or until they move out of the cloud.
  7. Cloves. Whole cloves pummel the target, dealing 1d10 Bludgeoning damage.
  8. Ginger. The target creature is overcome by the zing of ginger and must use their reaction to move 5 feet in any direction if they are able to move.
  9. Mint. The creature feels an immense chill surround them. They take 1d8 Cold damage.
  10. All Spice. The aroma is almost overwhelming. Roll twice on this table, if a 10 is rolled again you must re-roll that result. This effect only consumes 1 charge.
G'nehr's Ceremonial Censer wondrous, uncommon (requires attunement)

This small censer is made from a deep green soapstone mottled with white and carved with vines of morning glory. Inside the same burlap sack in which it was found is a large selection of dried aromatics. When these aromatics are burned in the censor they magically reappear within the burlap pouch the next morning.
If you burn these aromatics during a long or short rest at the end of the rest all creatures who rested within 60 feet of the censor receives a magical effect, depending on what was burned. A creature can receive a number of magical effects equal to their Constitution modifier (minimum of 1) per day in this way. After a creature receives the maximum number of magical effects the aroma given off by the censor becomes repulsive and has no beneficial effect for the remainder of the day. All censor effects gained in this way expire at dawn.

  • Pine Needles. The next 2d4 times you take 10 or less Piercing damage you instead take half damage as the attack bounces off your skin.
  • Orange Blossoms. You lose 1 level of exhaustion as a feeling of energy fills your body.
  • Forget-me-nots. This subtle scent calms your mind. The next Intelligence or Wisdom check (or saving throw) you make has advantage. In addition, until your next short rest anyone who tries to read your mind only sees a grassy field of forget-me-nots.
  • Dried Mint Leaves. As a sense of mental alertness surrounds you, you gain +5 to all initiative rolls, and when you make a high jump can jump 5 feet higher than usual.
  • Hickory Wood Shavings. Your eyes sting a bit in the wispy smoke, however, you are now able to see through magical darkness as if it is not even there.
  • Crushed Cinnamon Bark. A bold scent overtakes your senses. You gain advantage on saving throws against Fear, and are able to nearly ignore any phobias you already have.
Deck of Many Flavors wondrous, rare

This appears to be a normal deck of red backed playing cards, but if you inspect it closely there is a faint aroma of spices and the pattern on the cards is tiny mixing bowls, spoons, and aprons. These cards are never in the order you remember, as if they magically shuffle themselves when you arent looking. If a creature has Truesight they can see that each of these cards is in fact a spice or ingredient that has been manipulated to function as a playing card.

As a bonus action you can draw a card from the deck and consume it, return it to the deck, or give it to another creature. If you give it to another creature they may consume the card as a bonus action on their turn if they so choose. When you first put it into your mouth all you can taste is the bitterness of inked paper until suddenly flavor explodes over your tongue.


1: The flavor, it is indistinguishable. It is as if all the others have mixed together in the worst way. You spend the next turn wretching and can not take a reaction for the next minute. If you can handle this though, you can handle anything. For the next 10 minutes you can not taste anything, you are immune to the Poisoned effect, and are resistant to Poison damage.

2-3: Chili, cayenne, or pepper. You have never tasted spice this strong before, you take 1d4 fire damage and your mouth nearly glows it is so hot. For the next 10 minutes you can not burn your tongue while eating or drinking, any creature that you bite takes an additional 1d10 fire damage, and you do not feel full while drinking liquids.

4-5: Peppermint or spearmint. The fresh taste seems to spread, tingling over your whole body. For the next hour your movement speed increases by 15, but everything that you touch is cold, and almost feels electric. You are vulnerable to Lightning and Cold damage for the duration.

6-7: Garlic. The intensity of garlic emanates not just from your mouth but your entire body. For the next day you have disadvantage to any Charisma checks you make while talking to people, but undead will not willingly move within 10 feet of you. Additionally, as a bonus action you can make a breath attack against a creature within 5 feet and that that creature must make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw or take 1d12 Poison damage. This deals 3d12 Poison damage to vampires and vampire spawn.

8-9: Oregano and Sage. The earthy flavors bring you a sense of immense earthly wisdom. For the next hour you have advantage on all Intelligence and Wisdom checks and saves, however for some reason your vision goes fuzzy. For the duration creatures and objects farther than 30 feet away are considered heavily obscured for you.

10: Allspice. The flavors have melded in a pleasant and well refined joy to the tongue. You feel your mind relax and transcend your mortal restraints. Your exhaustion level is reduced to 0, and for the next minute you are proficient in all skills and saving throws.

Helm of the Hummingbird wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This light iron helm is painted in a quickly fading green and has small ivory wings jutting from each side.
Once per short rest as an action you can activate the helm and the wings begin beating until they almost blur and a faint hum can be heard.
When you activate the helmet you can immediately move up to 60 feet in a straight line. As the wind buffets your face you realize you are not teleporting, but actually running to the spot you envision in your mind.
While moving in this way you do not provoke attacks of opportunity and you are able to move across liquids.

The wings keep beating for a while after you activate the helmet, slowly winding down over time. For the next 10 minutes as a reaction on any creature’s turn you can gain 1 level of exhaustion to repeat the 60 foot movement. Exhaustion gained this way lasts until your next short rest.

Gloves of Nullification wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

These short purple gloves are tipped in silver and are made from a light flexible material that seems extraordinarily difficult to tear. While you are wearing these gloves if you make a successful unarmed attack against a creature that is concentrating on a spell that creature is marked for the next minute. As a bonus action you can choose a marked creature and force them to make a Constitution saving throw with a DC equal to 8 plus your proficiency modifier. On a failure they lose concentration, and they are unable to cast any spells until the end of their next turn.

Additionally, once per day you can activate the gloves as an action and in a violent purple flash an Antimagic Field appears around you, as if you cast the spell Antimagic Field, that lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Greater Gauntlets of the Glacier wondrous, legendary (requires attunement)

These thick leather gloves go all the way up your forearms and cinch tightly above the elbow. The back of the hand is covered in a white filigree that gently spirals all the way up the glove and the palms are chill to the touch.While wearing these gloves you have resistance to Cold damage and even when Restrained, or Grappled by a creature Large or smaller, your movement speed can not drop below 10.
If you grapple a creature with both hands while you are wearing these gloves that creature takes 2d6 Cold damage each turn until they are no longer grappled. If they break the grapple they must roll a Constitution saving throw equal to 10 + your proficiency bonus. On a failure they are Restrained by ice until the beginning of their next turn.

As an action once per short rest you can activate the gloves and small particles of snow begin to swirl around you until suddenly the gloves turn into large gauntlets of blue ice. For the next minute your gauntlets are frozen solid but do not inhibit movement. While your gauntlets are frozen you can not be shoved or pushed magically and any enemy creature that ends their turn within 5 feet of you takes 2d6 Cold damage. Additionally, when you make an unarmed attack you can choose to deal Cold damage instead of Bludgeoning.

Spider's Sting weapon(shortsword, rapier, dagger), rare (requires attunement)

This weapon has no hilt at all, with a simple flare to keep your hand from slipping onto the blade. The blade is a fine steel that glints green in the light and gently curves towards the user.

When you make a successful melee attack with this weapon a pale green glow surrounds the target creature for your eyes only. For the next day or until the creature dies you can see them even through walls or when Blinded as long as they are within 250 feet of you. The target creature can not benefit from being Invisible or surrounding darkness against you when outlined in this way.

Curse. While attuned to this weapon you have disadvantage on any saving throws against Poison damage or being Poisoned. Additionally, any spider can always see you as if you have the same pale green glow around you.

Archangel's Sword weapon(longsword, greatsword), very rare (requires attunement)

This silvered sword has a broad blade that glints yellow in the sun. It’s golden hand-and-a-half hilt has an exorbitantly large diamond as the pommel.

Undead’s Bane

This sword deals Radiant damage instead of Slashing damage to any undead creature. Additionally, when you take the Dodge action until the beginning of your next turn you have resistance to Necrotic damage.

Heaven’s Fury

While wielding this sword you can command a fraction of the might contained in the armories of the Upper Planes. Once per day as an action you can swing the sword down at point you can see. When you do so a crack like thunder can be heard as a hail of massive 20 foot swords crash into the ground in a 30 foot radius around the point you chose. These swords fly from the heavens, piercing through almost any object in their path before disappearing in a flash.

Any creature in the area must make a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw. If you are proficient in Religion you add your proficiency to this DC. On a failure the creature takes 3d12 Piercing damage and 3d12 Radiant damage. Celestial creatures automatically succeed this saving throw.

Angelic Properties

This sword can not rust or shatter, and you can summon this sword to you as a bonus action if you have a free hand unless it is blocked by an antimagic field or a ward against magical travel such as Forbiddance.

Curse. If you knowingly attack an innocent creature the sword will immediately streak with black, lose all magic ability, and its diamond will shatter. Additionally, you take 1 fire damage as a symbol is branded into your forehead.
If you unattune with this sword it will begin floating, before, with a clap like thunder, it soars into the sky and returns to the Upper Planes.

Archangel's Pendant wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This golden pendant is a smooth ellipse shined to a mirror finish. On its face is a pair of feathered wings etched into its surface.

Divine Light

While wearing this pendant as an action you can kneel and concentrate on the pendant as if concentrating on a spell until the beginning of your next turn. Doing so ends your turn, and bathes you in a beam of light, even if you are underground. While you are concentrating in this way if an undead, fiend, or aberration, makes a melee attack against you they automatically miss and are pushed back 10 feet.

At the beginning of your next turn all allies within 30 feet heal for 2d8 hit points and all hostile creatures within 60 feet must make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw.
On a failure they take 2d8 Radiant damage and are Blinded until the end of their next turn. On a success they take half as much damage and are not Blinded.

Once you have used this feature you can not use it again until your next short rest .

Angelic Properties

This pendant will not tarnish and can not be dented or scratched. Additionally, while attuned to it you know the Celestial language and can sense any Celestial creature within 120 feet of you.

Curse. If you commit a heinous act the pendant will tarnish slightly and the etching of the wings will glow red for the next day. While the pendant is glowing red you have disadvantage on all ability checks and it feels as if your mind is fogged.

Craek’s Whirling Battleblade wondrous, rare

This item can only be described as an oversized top. It is nearly 2 feet tall, at least as wide, and covered in mottled red spiralling patterns. It is definitely more than a children’s plaything though, as when this top begins spinning large blades spring from the seams along it’s edges.

As an action you can pull the heavy cord wound through the top to start it spinning, and choose a direction for it to start moving. It moves 15 feet forward at the end of each of your turns and continues spinning for the next minute.

Any creature that starts its turn within 5 feet of the top while its spinning takes 2d4 Slashing damage. When the top hits a creature in this way, a creature attacks it, or it collides with a solid object, it immediately bounces 5 feet in the opposite direction and it will continue moving in that direction on your next turn.

If the top ever enters difficult terrain or takes bludgeoning damage it falls over and stops spinning.

Soothing Chimes wondrous, uncommon

These translucent crystal chimes have a joyful tinkle as they sway in the wind.

Any creature that can hear these chimes while taking a long rest reduces their exhaustion level by 2 instead of 1.
Additionally, any creature within 30 feet that can hear these chimes has advantage on saving throws against being Frightened. After a creature gains advantage in this way they are no longer effected by the chimes until after their next long rest.