Who made these items?

This collection of items are all by me, BornToDoStuff, and is not an amalgamation of other people's works.

Can I use these for my own games?

Absolutely! You are free to use any item you enjoy for your own personal games or educational purposes.

Who made the art?

The art was not made by me, but I do have rights to use it. All of the art on the site has been created by Direquest, you should check them out!

It is not licensed for general use, but some of it may be available at Direquest's discretion.

What are those diamond shapes on each item?

Those are just another way of seeing rarity and attunement for each item in addition to the subtitle. They are hidden on mobile to save screen space.

Can I filter my searches even farther?

Actually yes. There is some filtering if you click "filter results" underneath the menu after searching.

However, if you mean even more than that, I have enabled advanced searching. You can find documentation on advanced searching here, which can allow you to search specific fields, avoid terms, and more. The fields available to search in the index are title, type, subtypes, classes, damage, school, tags, and searchtext. This will allow you to for instance search for all the items that are both for wizard and in the school of transmutation; Like this +school:transmutation +classes:wizard.

I am trying to keep the search from being overwhelming to the average user but I understand wanting to have a lot of search control so I hope these tools help.

Do you do item commissions?

I sure do. If you are interested in paying for a custom item comission or asking about commercial use of my items you can reach me at my email address.

Where else can I find you?

I do things occasionally on my Twitter and Instagram.