G'nehr's Ceremonial Censer wondrous, uncommon (requires attunement)

This small censer is made from a deep green soapstone mottled with white and carved with vines of morning glory. Inside the same burlap sack in which it was found is a large selection of dried aromatics. When these aromatics are burned in the censor they magically reappear within the burlap pouch the next morning.
If you burn these aromatics during a long or short rest at the end of the rest all creatures who rested within 60 feet of the censor receives a magical effect, depending on what was burned. A creature can receive a number of magical effects equal to their Constitution modifier (minimum of 1) per day in this way. After a creature receives the maximum number of magical effects the aroma given off by the censor becomes repulsive and has no beneficial effect for the remainder of the day. All censor effects gained in this way expire at dawn.

  • Pine Needles. The next 2d4 times you take 10 or less Piercing damage you instead take half damage as the attack bounces off your skin.
  • Orange Blossoms. You lose 1 level of exhaustion as a feeling of energy fills your body.
  • Forget-me-nots. This subtle scent calms your mind. The next Intelligence or Wisdom check (or saving throw) you make has advantage. In addition, until your next short rest anyone who tries to read your mind only sees a grassy field of forget-me-nots.
  • Dried Mint Leaves. As a sense of mental alertness surrounds you, you gain +5 to all initiative rolls, and when you make a high jump can jump 5 feet higher than usual.
  • Hickory Wood Shavings. Your eyes sting a bit in the wispy smoke, however, you are now able to see through magical darkness as if it is not even there.
  • Crushed Cinnamon Bark. A bold scent overtakes your senses. You gain advantage on saving throws against Fear, and are able to nearly ignore any phobias you already have.
Type: Wondrous, uncommon (minor)
School: Enchantment
Cost: 300 gp500 sp
Item Created: 2018-04-12
Item #: 205