Call of the Void wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This black chunk of obsidian is a rough spherical shape with no sharp edges. As you look into its murky center you can see an almost infinitely receding sea of gold, white, and blue flecks of color. When you hold it you can swear you can hear how silent it is.

This item has 3 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend a number of its charges to create a sphere of swirling emptiness at a point within 120 feet of you. The radius of the sphere is equal to the number charges expended x 10. Space itself begins to warp within the area and each creature within the sphere must make a DC 14 Strength saving throw; a creature can choose to fail this saving throw if it wishes. On a failed save they are pulled to an unoccupied space nearest to the center of...

Dagger of Shadowy Displacement weapon, rare (requires attunement)

This dagger has a hilt of wrought iron, with a black opal set in its guard. The blade is chipped from obsidian, but obviously magically hardened.

If you are standing in dim light or darkness as an action you can make a thrown attack with this dagger against any creature you can see that is also in dim light or darkness as if they are within 20 feet of you.

If you have a free hand you can summon this dagger as a bonus action while standing in darkness.

Once per day as an action you can create a cloud of magical darkness, as if you cast Darkness, with a radius of 20 feet centered on yourself. This darkness lasts 1 minute and does not require concentration but while you are holding this dagger you can see through the darkness as if it was a light mist.

Deck of Many Holes wondrous, very rare

This deck of playing cards has a charred purple color almost as if it was put through a dying process. The stranger part of them though is that they all have 1 or more holes punched straight through them.
After studying the cards for a long or short rest you figure out that the holes correspond to how strong the magic of the card is. Each numbered card has a number of holes punched in it equal to half its value rounded down. Face cards all have 5 holes, but aces are different. They only have a single hole, and its much larger than any of the other cards’ holes.

Craek's Jumping Stick wondrous, uncommon

This metal rod is about 4 feet long and straight most of the way down before telescoping to a small metal foot. It has two handles welded to the top that look like they were hacked off of a teapot, and two folding flaps attached just before the shaft begins tapering.

When you press down on the rod the tapering section resists but eventually collapses in on itself as if it has a complex spring mechanism underneath it. As a bonus action you can unfold the flaps and stand on them, one foot on each side of the rod, and as you do so you begin to bounce slightly.

Whenever you jump while riding the jumping stick you add 1d6 to your jump height or length. If this roll is lower than your dexterity modifier you can instead use your dexterity modifier. While riding the jumping stick if you enter...

Silver Bands of the Vine ring, rare (requires attunement)

These three silver bands are simple yet elegant, similar but subtly different, and sized to fit different fingers. Vines and leaves etched into both the inside and outside. When they are not being worn by another creature you can call the name of any number of the rings you are attuned to to activate them as an action. They can be attuned to separately by different creatures or as a single item by one creature. Budo activates the smallest of the rings, Vignes activates the middle one, and the largest’s name is Reben.

When activated each ring expands to a large metal chakram, perfectly smooth except for their etchings, and razor sharp. These chakram have the properties thrown (range 30/90), finesse, and deal 1d6 slashing damage. Additionally, as part of your attack action you can call a ring by name and it will return to your hand.

Rebounding Flail weapon, uncommon

You might second guess calling this weapon a flail when comparing its bulk to any other. Its spherical head is attached to a reinforced ash pole about 4 feet long. The head is made out of a material you have never felt before, it is pitch black and gives slightly to the touch. When you hit things with it it rebounds slightly as if bouncing despite its solid impact. It weighs 8 pounds, has the properties Heavy, and Two-handed, and deals 1d12 bludgeoning damage.

As an action you can make an attack with reach. If this attack is successful you may use the rebound of the strike to make another attack with reach against a different target within 5 feet of the original target as a bonus action.

Farseer's Cane staff, very rare (requires attunement)

This mahogany cane is tipped with corkwood and thin red leather covers its gracefully curved handle.

If you attune to this cane it can be used as a spellcasting focus. It contains 6 charges, and recovers 1d6 expended charges at dawn.

As an action you may tap the cane twice on the ground and expend a number of charges up to the maximum remaining charges. You gain Blindsight for 10 minutes for each charge expended in this way. This blindsight applies as long as you are holding the cane, if you are not holding it you do not benefit from its effects.

Alternatively, as an action you can expend 3 charges and draw a 1 foot square in the air. The air shimmers and then a tear in space appears and a deep purple fog rolls out from it. This one-way rift lasts for 1 minute and can not physically...

Shooting Shot Bag wondrous,

This light leather bag is attached to an inverted wooden funnel with a cork stopper where its drawstring would be. The bag can hold 20 sling bullets which just barely fit through the funnel’s opening.

As an action you can uncork the bag and focus on it, choosing a target you can see that is within 120 feet of you. On your next turn if your target is still visible and in range as an action you can guide a sling bullet out of the funnel, sending it darting around cover to its target and dealing 1d4+1 magical bludgeoning damage.

When you spend an action in this way you can also choose a new target. You can reload the pouch, either placing 1 sling bullet through the funnel as an action or bonus action, or by spending 1 minute to reload all expended bullets.

Ironwood Sapling rod, uncommon

This rod stands about 5 feet tall and is aptly named. It appears to be a young sparse tree that had all its leaves shaken off before being cast in metal.

While you are holding this rod if you take lightning damage the damage is reduced by 1d12 once per round.

As an action you can drive this rod into the ground. Once per round while the rod is in the ground if a creature within 120 feet of the Ironwood Sapling takes lightning damage that damage is reduced by 2d12 as the lightning arcs to the tree, sapping some of it’s power. When this happens all creatures within 10 feet of the rod take 1d8 thunder damage as a small concussive wave emits from the sapling.

Lesser Mental Barrier Bracers wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

These bracers have alternating bands of silver and pearl underneath the plain leather exterior that lay flat against your skin. The bands of silver have fine barbs that poke through the bracers to make several rows of spikes.

Once per long or short rest as bonus action you can begin concentrating on the bracers as if you are concentrating on a spell. As you do so bubbles of energy grow from the spikes and coalesce into a barrier around you before fading.

For the next 10 minutes while you maintain concentration any bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage you take is reduced by your Intelligence modifier.

As an action you can focus this barrier to another creature you can see within 30 feet. If you end your turn out of sight or farther than 30 feet away from the creature the barrier returns to you. While you are focusing the barrier...