Vial of Thundering Orbs potion, uncommon

This small vial holds a clear foaming liquid, and has a wand of sorts attached to it by a string. As an action a creature can soak the wand in the liquid and blow on it, when they do so 10 airy crystalline orbs form at the end of the wand and gently float wherever the wind fancies. Using the vial in this way expends a charge. The orbs burst after traveling 100 feet, touching a creature, or bumping into a sharp object. When an orb bursts it deals 1d4 thunder damage to all creatures within 5 feet as a uncannily large concussion emanates from them that can be heard out to 100 feet. The vial is found with a number of uses equal to 2d10 or a number of the DM’s choosing and when all uses are expended it is empty and cannot be used again.

Type: Potion, uncommon (minor)
Subtype(s): consumable, multi use
School: Evocation
Cost: 150 gp250 sp
Item Created: 2016-09-19
Last Updated: 2017-10-20
Item #: 39