Deck of Many Disguises wondrous, rare

This deck of cards features a well dressed creature from a different profession or walk of life on each card.
As an action you can draw a card from the deck, changing all your clothing, but not your belongings, to match the creature on the card. This clothing fits well, no matter your race or build, and this change lasts until midnight, you draw another card, or Dispel Magic is cast on you. After a card is drawn it disintegrates into threads of cloth.

Suits and Sashes

Numbers are everyday professions, anything from a cobbler or a blacksmith to a clergy member or librarian. Faces are nobility or high ranking individuals. If you draw an Ace you can choose what your outfit is, even an exact match of another creature’s outfit you have seen before. Additionally, you gain a bonus while wearing this outfit based on the suit drawn.
Hearts. You have advantage on Charisma(Persuasion) checks and Wisdom(Insight) checks.
Diamonds. You have advantage on Charisma(Performance) checks and Intelligence(Arcana) checks.
Clubs. You have advantage on Charisma(Intimidation) checks and Strength(Athletics) checks.
Spades. You have advantage on Charisma(Deception) checks and Wisdom(Perception) checks.

Type: Wondrous, rare (major)
Subtype(s): cards, consumable
School: Illusion
Cost: 5,000 gp4,800 sp
Item Created: 2021-10-01
Item #: 343