Scroll of Magic Armor scroll, common

When you unroll this parchment scroll it grows in size and thickness until it is an inch width thick and long enough to encircle you, floating in place for a moment as purple glyphs are pulled towards it. When it becomes saturated with glyphs it flies towards you and attempts to attach itself. You can attempt to resist it with a Strength check (DC 14), or dodge it with a Dexterity(Acrobatics) check (DC 18).

On a failure, or if you are willing, it cinches around your abdomen and the glyphs begin circling your body. While wearing the scroll you have advantage on saves against spells targeting only you. The scroll crumbles to dust after 1 hour or the next time you take Lightning damage.

While wearing the scroll you have a 10 foot penalty to your movement and can not take it off until it is destroyed or Remove Curse is cast on it.

Type: Scroll, common (minor)
School: Abjuration
Cost: 37 gp62 sp
Item Created: 2016-04-14
Last Updated: 2021-04-10
Item #: 8