Scroll of Magic Armor scroll, uncommon

When unrolled this rough scroll grows in size and thickness until it is a fingers width thick and big enough around to encircle the creature that activated it. It floats in place where it was unrolled for a moment as purple glyphs fly from thin air as if magnetized to it. As it becomes saturated with glyphs it flies towards the creature that activated it and attempts to attach itself around their torso. If they choose to they can resist with a DC 14 Strength check, or dodge it with a DC 18 Dexterity(Acrobatics) check.

If they fail or are willing it cinches around their abdomen and the glyphs begin circling their body. While wearing the scroll they have advantage on saves against single target spells but incur a -10 penalty to their movement speed. The scroll crumbles to dust after 1 hour, as the glyphs fade away, or if you take Lightning damage.

Type: Scroll Rarity: Uncommon School: Abjuration Attunement: False Suggested Classes: All Role: Defense Co-creator: 2019-02-26