Fang Repeater weapon, rare

As best can be described this appears to you to be a hand crossbow, constructed of bone. The skull of a small creature is attached to the end, and the bolts fire from its mouth. The creature’s ribs are splayed down the length of the stock and around a revolving cluster of bone with several bolts within its holes. This crossbow has a range of 30/60, and when you fire it the bolt transmutes into three identical, yet smaller bolts, which strike in rapid succession. On a successful hit you deal 2d4 piercing damage.

Hollowed Chamber. This hand crossbow does not have the loading property, but instead has the reload(5) property. This property allows you to fire 5 bolts before having to reload as a bonus action.

Tracking Critters. Once per short rest as an action you can empty the remainder of the bolts in the repeater. The bolts wind wildly through the air as they seek their targets as the eye sockets of the skull glow red. You may target a number of creatures within a 60 foot cone equal to the number of bolts remaining and make an attack with advantage against each target.

Type: Weapon Subtypes: Hand CrossbowRarity: Rare School: Transmutation Attunement: False Suggested Classes: Ranger, Rogue Role: Attack Item inspiration: Bastion