Cael Hammer weapon(warhammer), rare (requires attunement)

This hammer has a massive square head made from a gold alloy and its spiked face is well worn. On each side of the hammer’s head there is a small hole that seems to be made to hold a prism or gemstone. The handle is forged from a blue steel and where your hands would rest it is tightly wrapped in cloth. The hammer as a whole weighs 8 pounds and has the property heavy.

Checkered Face

Attacks made with this hammer ignore resistance to bludgeoning damage and grant you advantage on attack rolls against stone objects.

Stunning Wallop

At the beginning of your turn you can choose to bring the hammer down over your head with inhuman force, the hammer seeming to pull itself towards the ground. Make an attack roll against a target within 5 feet as an action. On a successful attack the target takes an additional 2d8 bludgeoning damage. If the target is a creature both you and the creature’s movespeeds are reduced to 0 until the beginning of your next turn.

Type: Weapon, rare (major)
Subtype(s): warhammer
School: Transmutation
Cost: 5,000 gp4,800 sp
Item Created: 2016-12-04
Last Updated: 2019-02-14
Item #: 116