Comb of Vanity wondrous, uncommon

This short comb appears to be covered in gold. If you comb your hair with it every morning your hair will become lustrously smooth and grow at an inch per day until it touches the ground. Not only is your hair beautiful, it is also surprisingly strong, and once it reaches your waist it can be used as a weapon. As an attack action you can whip your hair at an enemy within 5 feet dealing 1d4 + your Strength modifier Slashing damage on a hit. This counts as an unarmed strike, if you can attack multiple times this replaces one attack. If your hair is longer than 5 feet you can attack enemies within 10 feet and the damage increases to 1d6 + your Strength modifier Slashing damage. If you fail to comb your hair in the morning your hair begins to fall out, starting at the bottom, at a rate of 1 foot each for day you do not comb.

Type: Wondrous, uncommon (minor)
School: Transmutation
Cost: 300 gp500 sp
Item Created: 2016-10-25
Item #: 61