Ring of the Golden Defender ring, varies

This polished gold ring has a thick ivory inlay. As soon as you attune to it it reaches out to you, impressing upon you to put it on the first finger of your dominant hand. It can not speak, but it can communicate to you through ideas, images, and emotions.

Stages of Power. The desire of this ring is to protect other innocent creatures lives. If you earn the trust of the ring by showing your devotion to the protection of creatures around you and going beyond the call of duty to do so it will grant you power. When you attune with it you start at the Ring Stage, and move forward as the ring decides you are trustworthy. However if you betray the trust of the ring, you may move back a stage. Each stage of power has access to all the abilities of the stage before it. As an action you can transform the ring into any stage it allows you to have access to.

Ring Stage (Rare)

While the ring is content, and you wear it on your first finger, it grants you basic abilities.

Brilliant Presence. As an action you can cast the cantrip Light. Additionally, you can maintain up to three instances of Light, instead of one.
Shield of Gold. Once per long rest you can cast Shield with a range of 15 feet. This reaction is triggered by a creature, other than yourself, that is within range being attacked or targeted by the spell Magic Missile. This shield appears as a golden sphere around the target.

Glove Stage (Very Rare)

The ring stretches out tendrils of ivory, coating your hand and wrist. The ivory forms into plates and gold trim manifests as they harden. Strands arch from the ring onto the gold edged glove and to each finger. The entire system of white arches and plates seems to weigh almost nothing as if it is floating around your hand.

Defender’s Blessing. Once per day as an action while wearing this gauntlet you can fire a beam of brilliant yellow light in a 5 foot wide, 60 foot line from the gauntlet. Each creature in this line must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save a creature takes 8d6 Radiant damage and is blinded until your next turn. On a successful save it takes half as much damage and is not blinded. Undead and oozes have disadvantage on this saving throw. This beam counts as a 3rd level light spell for the sake of dispelling magical darkness.
Divine Fist. Your unarmed strikes deal 1d4 damage while wearing the gauntlet. Additionally you can choose to deal Radiant damage instead of bludgeoning damage.

Gauntlet Stage (Very Rare)

The ring sprouts a dense network of ivory and gold tendrils, covering even your upper arm, up to your shoulder. Each gold trimmed plate is connected with a series of ivory strands all gracefully twisting back to the ring. You move unhindered by this long gauntlet, as if it floats effortlessly just above your skin.

Golden Circuitry. You now have a pool of 3 charges stored in the gauntlet. As a reaction you can expend a number of charges to activate Shield of Gold, even if it has already been used, on a number of creatures equal to the charges expended. Additionally, as an action you can expend a charge to cast Cure Wounds, on a creature other than yourself, with a +5 spellcasting modifier. The gauntlet regains all expended charges at dawn.
Divine Fist. Your Divine Fist increases in power, it now deals 1d8 + your Strength or Wisdom modifier Radiant damage.
Telepathic Bond. The ring is connected to you so deeply it can now telepathically speak to you with words in addition to images and emotions, although its words are few.

Shield Stage (Legendary)

The ring covers your shoulder in a graceful paldron, heavily decorated with gold. Additionally a plate begins growing over your forearm and then detaches, floating 3 inches from your arm. This plate slowly forms a shining white kiteshield, with the golden symbol of an intricate shield in its center. While the ring is in this form and its shield is protecting you, you have +2 AC if you are not already wielding a shield.

Selfless Defense. As a bonus action you can command the ring to shield another creature within 30 feet. Until they end their turn farther than 30 feet away or you issue a new command the shield will hover by them, granting them +2 AC. While you are using this feature you can not benefit from the shield.
Golden Circuitry. The pool of charges stored in the gauntlet increases to your level/2 rounded down (minimum of 3).

This item can also be used without its legacy (growing) mechanic. Just pick a stage and treat it as if that is all the item has to offer.

Type: Ring, varies (major)
School: Evocation
Cost: 0 gp0 sp
Item Created: 2016-11-16
Item #: 96