Shield of Mental Dominance armor, very rare (requires attunement)

This simple round metal shield is rimmed with a band of clear crystal that is hard as iron.

While attuned to this shield you have proficiency with Intelligence saving throws if you did not before. This shield has 3 charges that recharge on a long or short rest. While you are wielding this shield at the end of another creature’s turn you can choose to expend a number of charges to activate it.

Force of Mind. You expend 1 charge to target a creature within 30 feet and make an Intelligence check contested by the target’s Wisdom or Intelligence check (the target chooses the ability to use). If you win the contest, you knock the target prone and push it 10 feet away from you.

Mental Grasp. You expend 2 charges to instantly cast Hold Person. You use your Intelligence as your casting ability when you cast Hold Person in this manner.

ChargesLong RestShort RestIntelligenceWisdomSpellcasting
Type: Armor Subtypes: ShieldRarity: Very Rare School: Enchantment Attunement: True Suggested Classes: Wizard Role: Defense