Scroll of Scrolling scroll, common

This scroll unrolls into a 1 foot square with a magic circle in the center. When a book, a stack of papers or parchment, or any non-living object with writing (that fits on the scroll) is placed into the magic circle, it activates. Light emits from the lines of the magic circle and the scroll smokes until the object placed on it is enveloped. Once it finishes this process the smoke clears to reveal a scroll replacing the original object, but containing all the written information that was on it. The covering of the scroll depends on the material provided. For instance a hardbound book becomes a scroll within a custom fitted scroll case in the color of the binding. This is useful for making travel versions of books because scrolls created in this way are never more than half the original weight. If a scroll created in this way is brought into an anti-magic field or is dispelled it explodes into the original object(s) it was made out of.

Type: Scroll, common (minor)
School: Transmutation
Cost: 37 gp62 sp
Item Created: 2016-10-12
Item #: 40