Planar Godfather Clock wondrous, uncommon

This looming grandfather clock has 5 faces arranged whimsically along its chestnut trunk. The primary face of this clock is a typical mundane mechanism, but the 4 smaller faces are magically aligned with different locations or planes.
You can cast a spell that allows vision or transport to another location, such as Scrying or Plane Shift, using one of these clocks as a spellcasting focus. When you do so that clock face will transform to be able to show the current time at the target location of the spell, including visually representing when dusk and dawn occur.
If the target location does not have a concept of day and night, or the day/night cycle is longer than 48 hours, the clock face becomes blank, and will remain blank until aligned with a new location.

Type: Wondrous, uncommon (minor)
Cost: 300 gp500 sp
Item Created: 2021-10-09
Item #: 349