Lover's Link tattoo, common

This is one of the most graceful magical tattoos, it’s the first name of your loved one in a flowing script directly over the heart. This is a tattoo that is rare to find, as it’s one thing to be in love, and it’s another thing to never love again. If the partners are separated they can know the other is alive from the faint pulse coming from the tattoo. If the partner dies however the tattoo will shrivel and leave a scar where it once was, leaving the surviving partner to never love again. They may find those that they care for but they will never be able to find romance from that moment on.

Type: Tattoo, common (minor)
School: Necromancy
Cost: 75 gp125 sp
Item Created: 2016-06-29
Last Updated: 2019-02-26
Item #: 23