Jar of Hoarder Beetles wondrous, common

This wide glass jar weighs 2 pounds and has holes poked in it’s lid. It contains about a dozen beetles of blue and green hues, each the size of two thumbs, and their hoarde they sleep on. When you find the jar it has 2d10 silver pieces in it, 1d10 each of gold and copper pieces, and a selection of shiny rocks and bits lying at the bottom. The beetles will always find their way back to the jar at dusk as long as their hoarde is worth at least 2 gold and covers the bottom of the jar.

If released the beetles will fly off in search of shiny objects to add to their pile. When released at dawn within a town the beetles gather 1d10 silver, 1d4-1 each of gold and copper, and 1d4 shiney rocks and bits throughout the day. For every two hours after dawn they are released they have a -1 to their rolls to return with coins. At the DM’s discretion the coins gathered might decrease or degrade in quality in a poor town.

Type: Wondrous, common (minor)
School: Unidentifiable
Cost: 75 gp125 sp
Item Created: 2016-11-09
Item #: 86