Ironwood Sapling rod, uncommon

This rod stands about 5 feet tall and is aptly named. It appears to be a young sparse tree that had all its leaves shaken off before being cast in metal.

While you are holding this rod if you take lightning damage the damage is reduced by 1d12 once per round.

As an action you can drive this rod into the ground. Once per round while the rod is in the ground if a creature within 120 feet of the Ironwood Sapling takes lightning damage that damage is reduced by 2d12 as the lightning arcs to the tree, sapping some of it’s power. When this happens all creatures within 10 feet of the rod take 1d8 thunder damage as a small concussive wave emits from the sapling.

Type: Rod, uncommon (minor)
School: Abjuration
Cost: 300 gp500 sp
Item Created: 2017-03-11
Item #: 161