Infernal Keyring wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This rough keyring has 8 keys on it, 3 of which appear to be copies of the same key. From a distance no one would really attach any significance to them, they are just slightly eccentric keys. While you are attuned to and carrying this ring of keys you gain an effect for each key. If you are not a spellcaster the keys use your Constitution modifier as your spellcasting modifier.

1. The first has a thick, almost spherical head, and 3 spikes protruding downward from it, the longest of which is the shaft of the key. This key allows you to cast Fire Bolt.

2. The second is flat and glimmers with an orange tint. The cuts in its shaft are violently spiky, and stick out farther than most keys. This key allows you to cast Produce Flame.

3. The third key is stout and has a bit on both sides of the shaft. It feels warm when you hold it in your hand. This key allows you to cast Create Bonfire.

4. The fourth key has a crooked shaft that you could swear that the pattern of the curves in the shaft changes when you aren’t looking. This key allows you to cast Control Flames.

5. The fifth key has a rough texture and 10 holes drilled through its head and shaft. When you take fire damage as a reaction you can have the key take up to 10 fire damage in your stead, before resistances are applied, and store the damage taken. You can not use this reaction again until the energy stored is expended. When you cast a spell or cantrip from this keyring you can choose to expendexpend the stored damage before the DM announces the result of the attack or save, adding it to the damage taken by the first creature hit, if any.

6-8. The last three keys all are shaped the same, but they are larger than the others, and cracked. Flickering light can be seen flowing through the cracks in the keys. Each key has a single charge of Hellish Rebuke that is expended when you cast it and recharges at dawn. The light within the keys ebbs and flows with the charges.

Curse. If you target a fiend with any spell from this item you automatically become the new target for the spell and must roll against yourself.

Type: Wondrous, very rare (major)
School: Enchantment
Cost: 50,000 gp38,000 sp
Item Created: 2016-12-19
Item #: 124