Death's Scales wondrous, legendary (requires attunement)

This scale is no merchant’s scale. It holds the power of life and death itself in its balance. The base and arms are made of black ivory, and inlaid with pearl. The weighing pans are in the shape of hands cast from pure silver and hung from silver chains.
This scale is found with three ornate alignment weights made to look like figurines. The first is chiseled from stone and covered in black opals, and represents evil. The second is carved from wood and inlaid with diamonds, and represents neutral. The last is shaped from gold and has a single sapphire in its center, and it represents good.

Unerring Judge

While holding the scales you can see the souls of dead humanoid creatures that have neither passed on nor been destroyed. You can telepathically communicate with these souls, and are able to understand and express emotions and ideas even if you do not share a language. They are under no compulsion to communicate truthfully, and may recognize you if they met you in life. Using the scales you can hold and weigh the souls to find their true alignment. The scales will come to balance with the weight that is closest to the creature’s alignment throughout life.

Merciless Reaper

If you know the name of the creature whose soul is on the scales you can choose to either allow them to pass on to the afterlife or banish them into the weight that comes to balance with their soul as if the spell Imprisonment:Minimus Containment, was cast on them. Only one soul can be contained within a weight and it becomes all but indestructible while containing a soul in this way. As an action you can speak the name of the creature imprisoned in a weight in addition to the command word, disintegrating the weight instantly and destroying the soul within. When you do so you may instantly cast one of the spells corresponding to the weight destroyed, ignoring all components and concentration, as long as the conditions needed for the spell are met. The spells are as follows:

  • Good. Resurrection or Holy Aura
  • Evil. Circle of Death cast at 9th level or Symbol:Death
  • Neutral. Geas cast at 9th level or Time Stop

Creating Balance

You can create any number of alignment weights if you create more figurines using the same materials as the original. Each figurine takes at least 250gp worth of materials and a week to create.

Type: Wondrous, legendary (major)
School: Necromancy
Cost: 500,000 gp380,000 sp
Item Created: 2016-11-08
Item #: 81