Dagger of Shadowy Displacement weapon(dagger), rare (requires attunement)

This dagger has a hilt of wrought iron, with a black opal set in its guard. The blade is chipped from obsidian, but obviously magically hardened.

If you are standing in dim light or darkness as an action you can make a thrown attack with this dagger against any creature you can see that is also in dim light or darkness as if they are within 20 feet of you.

If you have a free hand you can summon this dagger as a bonus action while standing in darkness.

Once per day as an action you can create a cloud of magical darkness, as if you cast Darkness, with a radius of 20 feet centered on yourself. This darkness lasts 1 minute and does not require concentration but while you are holding this dagger you can see through the darkness as if it was a light mist.

Type: Weapon, rare (major)
Subtype(s): dagger
School: Conjuration
Cost: 5,000 gp4,800 sp
Item Created: 2017-05-18
Item #: 167