Cloak of the Storm wondrous, very rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This black cloak has a hint of blue with silvered threads dashing through it. When in motion it appears as if the threads are electrical energy crackling off the fabric. Inside the hood a silver insignia of Talos has been carefully stitched. This cloak has 12 charges and regains all charges at dawn.

While wearing this cloak you know the cantrip Gust if you did not already and can cast it as a bonus action.

Winds of Change

As an action you can expend a number of charges to create a vortex of howling winds. When you do so choose one 5 foot space within 120 feet for each charge. Large or smaller creatures within 15 feet of a target space, but not in a target space, must make a Strength saving throw or be pushed 10 feet away from the nearest targeted space.

Energizing Presence

All allies within 10 feet, including yourself, are affected by the energy pulsing around you and have a +5 bonus to initiative.
Additionally, as a reaction you can expend a charge to grant one creature you can see advantage on Dexterity or Strength saving throws until the end of their next turn.

Lightning Mastery

When you cast a spell that deals Lightning damage the air around you tingles with energy. You may choose a number of enemy creatures up to the level of the spell slot expended within 30 feet of you. Each target creature takes 1d4+1 Lightning damage as tendrils of electricity reach out from your robe.

Type: Wondrous, very rare (major)
Subtype(s): clothes
School: Evocation
Cost: 50,000 gp38,000 sp
Item Created: 2018-12-29
Item #: 224