Name Type Sub-Types Rarity Attune
Abacus of Probability Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Aboleth's Tentacle Wondrous Very Rare
Amulet of Absolute Vision Wondrous Necklace Rare Yes
Amulet of Arachnid Alliance Wondrous Amulet, Pendant, Necklace Very Rare Yes
Amulet of Nebu Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Ancient Elven Flute Wondrous Instrument Legendary
Ancient Sword of the Scribe Weapon Shortsword Rare Yes
Anti-Sorcery Sphere Wondrous Legendary Yes
Apollo's Blessed Hide Armor Armor Hide Very Rare Yes
Archangel's Halo Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Archangel's Pendant Wondrous Pendant, Amulet, Necklace Rare Yes
Archangel's Sword Weapon Longsword, Greatsword Very Rare Yes
Arctic Beans Wondrous Consumable Rare
Armor of Arcane Retaliation Armor Breastplate, Half Plate, Plate Very Rare Yes
Armor of Vanishing Armor Light, Medium Rare
Armor of the Inurned Armor Scale Mail Rare Yes
Armoring Aegis Armor Shield Very Rare
Augmier's Blast Shield Wondrous Rare
Augmier's Cozy Cottage Wondrous Orb Very Rare
Augmier's Handaxe Accelerator Armor Shield Rare
Augmier's Homemade Buckshot Cannon Wondrous Uncommon
Augmier's Infinite Expanse Wondrous Orb Very Rare Yes
Augmier's Orb of Armament Wondrous Uncommon
Augmier's Scorching Orb Wondrous Rare
Augmier's Shattered Sphere Wondrous Rare Yes
Augmier’s Boots of Travel Wondrous Boots Rare
Axe of the Swarm Weapon Battleaxe, Greataxe Rare
Babylonian Amulet of Hearing Wondrous Necklace Common
Babylonian Amulet of Speech Wondrous Necklace Common
Band of Brothers Tattoo Uncommon
Bandolier of the Blade Wraith Weapon Shortsword, Special Very Rare Yes
Banner of Courage Wondrous Very Rare
Barrel of Brew Wondrous Container Uncommon
Battlemaster's Board Wondrous Legendary Yes
Beads of Many Flavors Wondrous Consumable Uncommon
Bear of Resting Wondrous Uncommon
Berserker Belt Wondrous Clothing Rare Yes
Big Annihilating Divination Crossbow Weapon Heavy Crossbow Very Rare Yes
Binding Bolts of the Kraken Weapon Ammunition Very Rare
Black Ice Circlet Wondrous Circlet, Crown, Helmet Very Rare Yes
Black Scorpion Weapon Scimitar, Special Rare
Blessed Acorn Wondrous Consumable Rare
Bloodwraught Armor Shield Rare Yes
Blossom of Eldath Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Blue Arcing Blade Weapon Any Sword Rare Yes
Bog Goggles Wondrous Goggles, Glasses Uncommon
Bond of Battle Tattoo Uncommon
Bond of Paternity/Maternity Tattoo Common
Bones of a Wandering Soul Wondrous Rare Yes
Book of Thoth Wondrous Book Legendary Yes
Boots of Blasting Wondrous Boots Uncommon
Boots of Swampwalking Wondrous Boots, Shoes Uncommon Yes
Bottle of Sudden Dusk Wondrous Very Rare
Bottle of Sudden Twilight Wondrous Rare
Box of Swirling Swords Wondrous Rare Yes
Bracelet of Insectoid Summoning Wondrous Bracelet Rare Yes
Bracers of the Bodyguard Wondrous Armor Rare Yes
Brazier of Eternal Night Wondrous Legendary
Breaker's Bow Weapon Longbow Rare Yes
Bust of the Arcane Sculptor Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Cael Hammer Weapon Warhammer Rare Yes
Call of the Void Wondrous Rare Yes
Chain of the Abyss Armor Chain Shirt, Chain Mail Rare Yes
Chains of the Brothers in Arms Wondrous Rare
Channeling Circuits Tattoo Common
Charm of Isoptera Wondrous Orb, Charm Uncommon
Charm of the Eye Wondrous Necklace Uncommon
Circlet of Mental Fortitude Wondrous Headband Very Rare Yes
Circlet of The Mindless Wondrous Very Rare
Circlet of The Tide Wondrous Circlet, Headband Very Rare Yes
Cloak of Conspicuous Armor Wondrous Clothing Common
Cloak of Hot Air Wondrous Clothing Common
Cloak of the Porcupine Wondrous Clothing Uncommon
Cloak of the Storm Wondrous Clothes Very Rare Yes
Cloud Giant's Hammer Weapon Warhammer Rare
Coat of the Chameleon Wondrous Coat, Robe Very Rare Yes
Comb of Vanity Wondrous Uncommon
Companion's Compass Wondrous Compass Rare
Compelling Necklace of the Beast Wondrous Very Rare
Corrupted Hammer of Life Weapon Warhammer Rare Yes
Courtier's Scroll Scroll Common
Craek's Glass Ruler Wondrous Common
Craek's Jumping Stick Wondrous Uncommon
Craek's Rod of Fishing Wondrous Rare
Craek’s Whirling Battleblade Wondrous Rare
Crossbow Cannon Weapon Crossbow, Special Uncommon
Crown of the Frozen Prince Wondrous Crown, Hat, Helmet Legendary Yes
Dagger of Shadowy Displacement Weapon Dagger Rare Yes
Dark Phoenix Gauntlets Wondrous Gauntlets Very Rare Yes
Death's Scales Wondrous Legendary Yes
Deathsbane Shield Armor Shield Uncommon Yes
Decanter of Endless Sand Wondrous Rare
Decanter of Finite Water Wondrous Consumable Common
Deck of Many Disguises Wondrous Cards, Consumable Rare
Deck of Many Flavors Wondrous Cards, Consumable Rare
Deck of Many Hallways Wondrous Cards, Consumable Very Rare
Deck of Many Hands Wondrous Cards Legendary Yes
Deck of Many Holes Wondrous Cards, Consumable Rare
Decoding Ring Ring Rare Yes
Derrahk's Stone Bracers Wondrous Armor Rare Yes
Derrahk's Stone Javelin Weapon Javelin Rare Yes
Derrahk’s Portable Battlement Armor Shield Rare Yes
Desert Wanderer's Friend Scroll Common
Desert's Reach Weapon Halberd Rare Yes
Dextrous Digits Wondrous Common
Dionysus' Decanter Wondrous Common
Downy Shield Armor Shield Uncommon
Dragon's Breath Weapon Quarterstaff, Glaive, Halberd Rare Yes
Dragon's Greed Wondrous Compass Uncommon
Dryad's Grapes Wondrous Common
Eaglewood Bow Weapon Shortbow, Longbow Rare
Earthbound Gauntlet Wondrous Gauntlets, Gloves, Bracers Very Rare Yes
Earthen Bulwark Gauntlets Wondrous Gauntlets, Gloves, Bracers Rare Yes
Eldath's Boon Wondrous Necklace, Pendant, Amulet Very Rare Yes
Elytriss' Rod of Numbing Weapon Club Rare
Elytriss' Staff of Static Barriers Staff Rare Yes
Ethereal Blade Weapon Shortsword, Longsword Rare
Extract of Acid Potion Thrown Uncommon
Extract of Cold Potion Thrown, Consumable Uncommon
Extract of Fire Potion Thrown Uncommon
Extract of Lightning Potion Thrown Uncommon
Extract of Poison Potion Consumable Uncommon
Eye of Undeath Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Eyes of Stormwing Wondrous Mask Rare Yes
Eyes of the Blind Tattoo Uncommon
Fan of Elemental Flame Wondrous Rare
Fang Repeater Weapon Hand Crossbow Rare
Fang of Eternal Frost Weapon Dagger Very Rare
Farseer's Cane Staff Very Rare Yes
Featherlight Potion Potion Thrown, Consumable Uncommon
Folded Friends Wondrous common
Frost Giant Goggles Wondrous Goggles, glasses Rare
Frost Giant's Chainmail Armor Chainmail Very Rare Yes
Frostwall Guard Armor Shield Rare Yes
Frozen Fang Weapon Dagger Uncommon
G'nehr's Arboreal Arsenal Wondrous Gauntlet, Glove Rare Yes
G'nehr's Ceremonial Censer Wondrous Uncommon Yes
G'nehr's Verse of the Vineyard Wondrous Rare
G'nehr's Vest of Vines Armor Light Armor Rare Yes
G'nehr's Woodland Wrath Wondrous Rare
Gauntlet of Ghost Sight Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Gauntlets of Stonesmithing Wondrous Gauntlets Very Rare Yes
Gauntlets of the Glacier Wondrous Armor, Gloves Rare Yes
Gemcutter Weapon Warpick Rare
Gentleman's Gloves Wondrous Clothing, Gloves Uncommon Yes
Gloves of Channeling Wondrous Clothing, Gloves Uncommon
Gloves of Nullification Wondrous Gloves Rare Yes
Golden Bow of Apollo Weapon Longbow Very Rare Yes
Granite Orbiting Hammer Weapon Warhammer Rare Yes
Greater Charm of the Eye Wondrous Necklace Rare
Greater Deathsbane Shield Armor Shield Rare Yes
Greater Gauntlets of the Glacier Wondrous Armor, Gloves Legendary Yes
Greater Gloves of Silence Wondrous Clothing, Gloves Very Rare Yes
Greater Mental Barrier Bracers Wondrous Armor Very Rare Yes
Greatsword of Ethereal Displacement Weapon Greatsword Legendary Yes
Grinder of Many Spices Wondrous Uncommon
Grove Guardian Wondrous Rare Yes
Gungnir Weapon Spear Legendary Yes
Heart of Brass Wondrous Amulet, Pendant, Necklace Uncommon
Heart of the Mountain Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Hearthstone Wondrous Common
Heirloom Warpick Weapon Warpick Rare
Helm of Selective Hearing Wondrous Armor, Helmet Rare Yes
Helm of the Hummingbird Wondrous Armor, Helmet Rare Yes
Helmet of Occlusion Wondrous Helmet, Armor Rare Yes
Hide of the Behir Armor Hide Rare Yes
Hourglass of Permanence Wondrous Hourglass Legendary Yes
Immovable Scroll Scroll Common
Infernal Keyring Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Inferno Sling Weapon Sling Rare Yes
Instrument of Bardic Assistance Wondrous Rare Yes
Ioun Stone: Repel Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Iron Curtain Wondrous Uncommon
Ironwood Sapling Rod Uncommon
Jar of Fairy Light Wondrous Common
Jar of Hoarder Beetles Wondrous Common
Lantern of Light Manipulation Wondrous Lantern Common
Lead Hex Crossbow Weapon Any Crossbow, Hand Crossbow, Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow Rare
Lesser Armory of Asmodeus Wondrous Weapon Very Rare Yes
Lesser Gloves of Silence Wondrous Clothing, Gloves Rare Yes
Lesser Mental Barrier Bracers Wondrous Armor Rare Yes
Lichbane Ammunition Weapon Ammunition Very Rare
Limbo Goggles Wondrous Rare
Little Red Planar Hood Wondrous Clothing, Cloak Very Rare Yes
Living Wooden Blade Weapon any sword Rare Yes
Lover's Link Tattoo Common
Marbled Spike Weapon Warpick Very Rare Yes
Marsh Machete Weapon Short Sword Rare
Mask of The Pack Wondrous Mask Very Rare Yes
Matador's Mantle Wondrous Clothing Common
Melf's Meteor Helm Wondrous Armor, Helmet Rare Yes
Meteor Hammer Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Misfit's Wardrobe Wondrous Clothes Rare Yes
Mithral Needle Weapon Rapier Legendary Yes
Molten Gold of the Alchemist Wondrous Rare Yes
Moonscraper Weapon Greatsword Uncommon Yes
Moss Paste Wondrous Consumable Common
Mountain's Core Wondrous Consumable Very Rare
Mummified Cloth of the Void Wondrous Clothing Rare Yes
Mummified Hand of Delilah Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Mystic Mask of Misrepresentation Wondrous Mask Rare Yes
Narasushi Weapon Quarterstaff Rare Yes
Necklace of Draconic Ancestry Wondrous Necklace Very Rare Yes
Necklace of Many Hands Wondrous Necklace Uncommon Yes
Necklace of Tree Striding Wondrous Necklace Rare Yes
Needle of Bloody Displacement Wondrous Necklace Very Rare Yes
Needle of Mending Wondrous Common
Nightwalker Amulet Wondrous Amulet, Necklace Rare Yes
Oasis Lilly Wondrous Compass Uncommon
Obsidian Ooze Amulet Wondrous Amulet, Pendant, Necklace Very Rare Yes
Otherworldly Heart Wondrous Legendary Yes
Pamsprei's Blinding Chalkbow Weapon Hand Crossbow Uncommon
Pamsprei's Boots Wondrous Boots Uncommon
Pamsprei's Peephole Wand Uncommon
Pamsprei's Stabilizing Powder Wondrous Consumable Common
Patchwork Scroll Scroll Common
Pen of Many Messages Wondrous Rare Yes
Pendant of Blight Wondrous Pendant, Amulet, Necklace Rare Yes
Pendant of Fiery Deflection Wondrous Necklace Very Rare Yes
Pendant of Forceful Deflection Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Pendant of Icy Deflection Wondrous Necklace Very Rare Yes
Permafrost Plate Armor Half Plate, Plate Very Rare Yes
Petrifying Dagger Weapon Dagger Very Rare
Phantom Mask of Manipulation Wondrous Rare Yes
Phantom Raven Mantle Wondrous Cloak, Mantle Very Rare Yes
Piton of the Peaks Wondrous Consumable Common
Planar Godfather Clock Wondrous Uncommon
Plate Armor of the Spider Armor Plate, Half Plate Very Rare Yes
Plate of the Protector Armor Breastplate, Half Plate, Plate Uncommon Yes
Poison-Root Gauntlets Wondrous Uncommon
Portable Cabinet of Supplying Wondrous Rare
Potion of Reflex Potion Consumable Very Rare
Potion of the Daywalker Potion Uncommon
Potion of the Sunwarrior Potion Very Rare
Psychic Skullcap Wondrous Helmet, Hat Rare
Razorleaf Emerald Wondrous Rare Yes
Rebounding Flail Weapon Flail Uncommon
Remorhaz's Plate Armor Armor Plate Rare Yes
Reynier's Amulet of Radiance Wondrous Necklace Uncommon
Reynier's Bag of Sunshine Wondrous Common
Reynier's Cold light Wondrous Lantern Uncommon
Reynier's Crystal Hand Staff Rare Yes
Reynier's Overwhelming Beam Rod Rare
Reynier’s Miniature Raincloud Scroll Uncommon
Right Hand of the Reaper Wondrous Clothing, Glove Very Rare Yes
Ring of Eldritch Energy Ring Rare Yes
Ring of Enchanting Beauty Ring Very Rare Yes
Ring of Fallen Leaves Ring Artifact Yes
Ring of Rapid Regeneration Ring Uncommon
Ring of the Golden Defender Ring Varies
Ring of the Sudden Strike Ring Very Rare Yes
Roaring Hammer of Resonance Weapon Warhammer Very Rare
Robe of the Brotherhood Armor Chain shirt Rare Yes
Robes of Necrosis Wondrous Robe, Cloak Very Rare
Rootshape Gauntlets Wondrous Gauntlet, Glove, Bracer Uncommon Yes
Sacred Acorn Wondrous Consumable Very Rare
Sahaguin Stimulant Potion Consumable Uncommon
Satchel of Smoking Stones Wondrous Uncommon
Satchel of Subpar Sorting Wondrous Storage Common
Satchel of Superior Sorting Wondrous Storage, Container Common
Scarf of Summoning Wondrous Clothing Common
Scorching Obsidian Staff Staff Legendary Yes
Scrap Musket Weapon Special Rare
Scroll of Light Spawning Scroll Common
Scroll of Loudness Scroll Common
Scroll of Magic Armor Scroll Common
Scroll of Scrolling Scroll Common
Scroll of Waterbreathing Scroll Common
Scroll of Weapon Mimicking Scroll Common
Scroll of the Copycat Scroll Common
Scroll of the Rod Scroll Common
Shattering Flail Weapon Flail Uncommon Yes
Shield of Mental Dominance Armor Shield Very Rare Yes
Shield of Mighty Timbers Armor Shield Legendary Yes
Shield of the Onyx Pillar Armor Shield Rare Yes
Shooting Shot Bag Wondrous Pouch, Satchel uncommon
Silver Bands of the Vine Ring Rare Yes
Silver Bells of Guidance Wondrous Uncommon Yes
Silver Dragon's Boon Wondrous Amulet Rare Yes
Skull of the Stampede Wondrous Helmet, Armor Legendary Yes
Sling of Piercing Weapon Sling Uncommon Yes
Slippers of Concealment Wondrous Common
Snowcapped Compass Wondrous Compass Uncommon
Solarian Flare Wondrous Consumable Very Rare
Soothing Chimes Wondrous Uncommon
Spear of the Marsh Weapon Spear Rare Yes
Spear of the Snow Weapon Spear Rare
Spider's Sting Weapon Shortsword, Rapier, Dagger Rare Yes
Spiderwood Seed Wondrous Consumable Very Rare Yes
Spined Bucklers Wondrous Armor Rare Yes
Sporelight Wondrous Lantern Uncommon
Staff of Icedawn Staff Rare Yes
Staff of Ioun Staff Very Rare Yes
Staff of The Reaching Canopy Staff Legendary Yes
Staff of Thundering Orbs Staff Rare Yes
Staff of the Undying Gaze Staff Very Rare Yes
Stage of the Mime Wondrous Uncommon
Stalwart Granite Helm Wondrous Helmet, Hat Legendary Yes
Stasis Hammer Weapon Warhammer Rare Yes
Storm Whip Weapon Whip Rare
Stormreed Wondrous Instrument Very Rare Yes
Sun Serpent Weapon Quarterstaff Very Rare Yes
Surtr's Infernal Amulet Wondrous Necklace Very Rare Yes
Tapestry of the Great Hall Wondrous Legendary Yes
Teacup of the Tempest Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Tears of Ra Potion Thrown, Consumable Rare
The Bathyal's Mask Wondrous Mask Very Rare Yes
Thread of Theseus Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Thundering Chime Wondrous Uncommon Yes
Timekeeper's Tome Wondrous Book Legendary
Tiny Boulder Wondrous Uncommon
Traceless Slippers Wondrous Shoes Rare
Transcendent Tankard Potion Consumable Uncommon
Trollsblood Potion Potion Very Rare
True Hero's Might Armor Breastplate, Half Plate Very Rare Yes
Tumulus Bracers Wondrous Bracers, Gauntlets Very Rare Yes
Unholy Bone Powder Wondrous Consumable Rare
Unholy Lacquer Potion Very Rare
Urn of the Lava Bearer Wondrous Rare Yes
Vacuum Pack Wondrous Very Rare Yes
Vial of Lichbane Potion Thrown Very Rare
Vial of Overgrowth Potion Thrown Rare
Vial of Temporal Twilight Wondrous Vial Rare
Vial of Thundering Orbs Potion Consumable, Multi Use Uncommon
Vial of the Watery Steed Wondrous Rare
Viper's Vertebrae Wondrous Bracelet Rare Yes
Voidblade Weapon Longsword, Greatsword Very Rare Yes
Wand of Mending Wand Uncommon
War Machete Weapon Shortsword Rare Yes
Warhammer of Retribution Weapon Warhammer Very Rare Yes
Watch of Timelessness Wondrous Common
Watery Shield Wondrous Rare
Weapon of the Forgotten Pact Weapon Any Melee Weapon Rare Yes
Whirlwind Halberd Weapon Halberd Very Rare Yes
Whistle of the Wind Wondrous Uncommon
Winter's Edge Weapon Handaxe, Battleaxe, Greataxe Rare Yes
Wiregrass Whip Weapon Whip Uncommon
Wooden Walker of the Circle Wondrous Sentient Very Rare
Zerrndrock Wondrous Amulet, Pendant, Necklace Very Rare Yes