Aboleth's Tentacle wondrous, very rare

This tall brass rod is etched with an abstract circular design that seems to be devoid of any pattern and has a 4 foot section of a curled, shriveled, Aboleth tentacle affixed to its top. The tentacle is a dark sickly green, and it’s so tough you aren’t sure you could pierce it.

While you are attuned to this tentacle you can breathe underwater and have a +5 on any Intelligence (Religion) checks, and +5 on Intelligence (History) checks to recall things about religions or gods.

Bloody Awakening

Once per short rest as an action if you slice your hand or wrist and drip your own blood onto the tentacle as you hold the rod the tentacle rejuvenates, and expands down the rod engulfing your arm. For the next minute you can not use that arm as it is encased in a giant tentacle. However you may make melee...

Little Red Planar Hood wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This looks like a simple red cloak but the size suggested it was made for a child. Inside the hood however is a magic circle sewn into the lining in vivid blue thread. The circle is divided into 8 segments, the last of which looks to be sewn with a different pattern. This cloak holds 8 charges, each represented by a segment within the hood of the cloak.

Each short rest the cloak regains up to 1 charge, and each long rest the cloak regains up to 7 charges.

Over The River

As a bonus action you can expend a charge to cast Misty Step, but instead of a silvery mist you are surrounded by a small flurry of autumn leaves and a babbling brook can be briefly heard.

Through The Woods

As an action if you are in wild unsettled territory, you can expend all 8 charges...

Augmier's Scorching Orb wondrous, rare

This odd contraption is composited of a small crystal orb set within a larger metal semi-sphere. As a bonus action you can press the button recessed into the metal sphere to activate it. The turn after it has been activated the orb levitates until it is 20 feet in the air, or as high as the above terrain will allow, and begins spinning as it glows a soft orange. Each turn it will make a ranged spell attack against the nearest creature it can see within range. It has a +5 spell attack modifier, a range of 30 feet for every 5 feet it is above the ground, and on a hit it deals 2d6 fire damage. After 10 minutes, or firing 10 times, it stops glowing, falls to the ground, and can not be activated again until the next dawn.

Warhammer of Retribution weapon, very rare (requires attunement by a creature with at least 12 Charisma)

This warhammer is more stockily built than most and the sides of its blocky head are covered in silver inlays. As you attune to it you feel a weight come upon you as if you have taken on a great responsibility.

Once per short rest as an action you can slam the hammer to the ground and it begins eminating a crushing aura. For the next minute or until you pick up the hammer, whichever comes first, all creatures within 60 feet of the hammer must make a Strength saving throw at the beginning of each turn equal to 8 + your proficiency + your Charisma modifier. You can choose a number of creatures up to your Charisma modifier to automatically succeed this saving throw. On a failure every foot of movement costs 1 extra foot until the beginning of their next turn and if the creature is an Aberration,...

Elytriss' Rod of Numbing weapon, rare

The head of this club is made from polished metal and its handle is carved from green granite. When you swing it the metal crackles with energy.

This club deals Lightning damage instead of Bludgeoning damage. Additionally, on a successful attack the target creature is Stunned until the beginning of their next turn.

Elytriss' Staff of Static Barriers staff, rare (requires attunement)

This singed oaken staff has a forked tongue of metal on each end and a hand grip made of padded leather. This staff holds 5 charges and regains 1d4 expended charges each dawn.

As an action you can activate the staff, and sparks can be seen flickering between the forks. As you activate the staff a panel of electricity crackles into existence at a point within 60 feet of your choosing. The writhing section of living lightning appears in any orientation you choose. It can be free floating or resting on a solid surface. It is 5-foot by 5-foot and seems to have almost no thickness. When you activate the staff you can choose to expend a number of charges. The first charge you expend changes the original panel of lightning to a 10-foot square panel, and each additional charge creates an additional 10-foot panel. You can place these panels...

Blossom of Eldath wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This delicate pink flower is carefully preserved with magic and will not wilt or break yet preserves its natural beauty.

While you are visibly wearing this flower you are blessed by Eldath, the goddess of peace and protection. This flower holds up to 10 charges and regains 1 charge each long rest. As an action once per long rest you can call on the blessing of Eldath to cast the spell Sanctuary on all creatures within 30 feet of you, including yourself. This blessing does not affect any creatures in combat or with their weapons drawn, but lasts until they make an attack or cast a spell that affects an enemy creature or until their next long rest.

Additionally, you may activate the Blossom by making a prayer to Eldath. When activated the center of the blossom glows with a faint yellow and pink. For the next hour you may...

Amulet of Absolute Vision wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This amulet is a single large turquoise set in silver. It doesn’t have a chain but it has a hole where it would usually hang from one.

While you are attuned to this amulet the area within 5 feet of the stone is always clearly visible to you unless you are blinded. When in any effect that is more than lightly obscuring a pale blue-green light, that is visible only to you, radiates out to 5 feet from the amulet. This light does not destroy magical darkness but you are able to clearly see within its radius no matter what.

Additionally, Whenever any Invisible creature is within 120 feet the amulet faintly pulsates. If the Invisible creature is within 5 feet of the amulet they are bathed in the pale blue-green light. When a creature is in this light they do not gain any of the benefits of Invisibility against...

Cloud Giant's Hammer weapon, rare

This warhammer is quite obviously made for a giant, although you have a suspicion they would call this a light hammer. The head of it is over 2 feet long and of substantial thickness. When stood on its head the iron knob at the end of its blue handle comes up to the shoulders of an average human. Judging by the crude markings and runes that could represent wind and sky chiseled into its face you can assume it’s the hammer of either a storm or cloud giant.

For its massive size it swings through the air with surprising ease, likely some form of magic to make it a more effective throwing hammer for someone of the intended size. It feels as if it weighs about 24 pounds although without the magic it probably weighs far more.

This hammer has the properties Heavy, Reach, and Two-handed. All creatures of size...

Needle of Bloody Displacement wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This amulet has a compass rose etched into its golden surface. It is stained and tarnished, and at the southern point of the compass rose a spike the length of a finger extends straight down.

As a bonus action you can plunge the spike into yourself. You take 1d4 Piercing damage, and gain charges equal to the damage taken, as the blood flows against gravity into the compass rose and seeps into the etching. The amulet can hold up to 12 charges and loses all stored charges at dawn.

As an action you can expend a number of charges to teleport creatures you can see within 30 feet to another unoccupied space you can see within 30 feet. For each creature teleported you must expend 1 charge for every 10 feet you move them. If the creature is unwilling they must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC equal...