Eye of Undeath wondrous, very rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This glass jar holds a preserved eye suspended in a putrid liquid. It has 6 charges and regains 1d3 + 3 expended charges daily at dawn. As an action you can expend one or more of the item’s charges to cast one of the following spells, using your spellcasting ability for the attack roll or spell save DC:
Inflict Wounds (1 charge), Blindness/Deafness (2 charges), Ray of Enfeeblement (3 charges), or Contagion (5 charges).

In addition, you can use this eye as an arcane focus. When casting any of the aforementioned spells while using the eye as your focus, you can expend 1 additional charge to amplify the spell’s effect in the following ways:

  • Blindness/Deafness. If the creature fails its initial saving throw it has disadvantage on saving throws to end the spell’s effect on itself.
  • Ray of Enfeeblement. If a creature fails its initial saving throw, it automatically fails all saving throws against the spell to end the effect on itself. Additionally, it has disadvantage on all Strength checks and saving throws for the duration.
  • Contagion. If the target creature fails its saving throw, it is afflicted with Flesh Rot in addition to whichever disease you choose.
Decoding Ring ring, rare (requires attunement)

This ring is made of two parts, both covered in letters and runes so small you have trouble reading them without a magnifying glass, that rotate independently of each other. While wearing this ring you can spend a number of minutes equal to 6 minus your Intelligence modifier studying a page of a book, glyphs on a wall, scroll, or other section of writing, to discern its literal meaning no matter what language it is in.

Robes of Necrosis wondrous, very rare

These robes are rumored to have once been soaked in the blood of an undead, or whatever fluid was left in their body that could be called blood. While wearing them whenever you cast a spell from the school of Necromancy you gain 1d4 temporary hit points per spell level that last for 10 minutes.

Unholy Bone Powder wondrous, rare

This bag of powder is made from the bones of an immensely strong undead and it dries out your skin with even the smallest contact. As an action you can spread a handful of this powder over an adjacent square and for the next year, or until purposefully dispersed by another creature, undead with a CR of 3 or lower can not pass over or touch this space. The bag holds four handfuls of bone powder.

Lichbane Ammunition weapon(ammunition), very rare

This ammunition deals Radiant damage to undead creatures and if it hits an undead with a CR of 2 or lower it immediately dies. Additionally, this ammunition can damage a Lich’s phylactery no matter how it was created or prepared.

Vial of Lichbane potion, very rare

When thrown this vial of watery red fluid explodes into a fine mist with a radius of 30 feet centered on the point it was thrown. Any undead in this area is Stunned. At the beginning of an affected creature’s next turn and every turn afterwards it can make a DC 12 Constitution saving throw to end this effect. Additionally, a lich that is exposed to this effect takes an additional 30 days to rejuvenate the next time it dies.

Unholy Lacquer potion, very rare

This vial of scarlet blood can impart special properties to any non-magical weapon or ammunition exposed to it. When poured over a weapon or up to 20 pieces of ammunition it immediately coagulates into a slimy coating. For the next hour it faintly pulses before sloughing off, leaving the weapon blackened, and with a slight red glint. The lacquer can not be used again but the weapon or ammunition gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, and deals an additional 1d8 Necrotic damage on a successful attack.

Ancient Elven Flute wondrous, legendary

This flute has been crafted from one of the most gnarled pieces of wood you have ever seen, but its sound is clear and pure. Inside this flute you find several rolled up sheets of parchment with a song written on it. If you are within 30 feet of a Huge or larger plant with no intelligence you can play this ancient song to shape the plants around you.
The song takes 10 minutes and as you play it the plant life, in particular the Huge or larger plant, slowly grows, creeps, and bends to form a small shelter. This shelter is connected to or even within the plant, and is created in a form of your choosing. This shelter can be up to 10 feet tall, has an area of up to 100 square feet, and when you create it you can choose some basic things to be created within the area such as beds, chairs, platforms, shelves, and doors. Once you play this song you can not shape plants with it again until 2d4 days have passed and the changes you make with it remain permanently unless you use this item to return them to how they were. If there is already a shelter created in this way within range you can instead choose to expand it by the same 100 square feet. This can be done up to 5 times per Huge tree, and 5 additional times for every size above Huge.

Eldath's Boon wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This necklace has beads made of various different woods, and each type of wood is carved into a miniature replica of that tree’s leaf, all strung on a woven cord. Once per turn you can use 10 feet of movement to magically step into one living tree within reach and emerge from a second living tree within 60 feet, appearing in an unoccupied space within 5 feet of the second tree. Both trees must be Large or larger.

Dryad’s Pact

Over the course of an 8-hour ritual you can create a bond with a Huge or larger tree and the dryad living within. As long as this tree is alive once per day you can cast one of the following spells without a spell slot and ignoring material components: Commune, which puts you in contact with the dryad also bonded with your tree; Find The Path, if the destination is your bonded tree; or Commune with Nature. If you create a bond with a new tree you may incur the anger of the previously bonded dryad because of your unfaithfulness. If your bonded tree is killed you immediately suffer 5d10 Psychic damage that can not be resisted or decreased in any way.

Shield of Mighty Timbers armor(shield), legendary (requires attunement)

This wooden shield is unpainted, instead covered in living vines, and has yet-living branches growing off it’s edges. While attuned with this shield you gain proficiency in Intelligence (Nature) checks if you were not proficient before and your proficiency bonus is doubled if you were already proficient. Additionally, you are able to understand plant creatures, and if you speak Druidic they can also understand you.

Canopy of Protection

While within 30 feet of a Huge or larger plant that is not hostile, you and any other creatures of your choice, have half cover while within range of the plant as the roots and branches reach out to your aid.

Shephard of the Forest

You can call to the plants around you as if you know each of them by name. If you spend 1 minute touching this shield against a Huge or smaller plant with an intelligence of 3 or less, it awakens. The target plant gains an intelligence of 10, and the ability to speak one language you know. It also gains the ability to move its limbs, roots, vines, creepers, and so forth, and it gains senses similar to a human’s. Your DM chooses Statistics appropriate for the awakened plant, such as the Statistics for the Awakened Shrub or the Awakened Tree. The awakened plant is initially friendly towards you but is not charmed or compelled to do as you ask. Once you have used this ability you can not use it again for the next 2d6 days.

Rootshape Gauntlets wondrous, uncommon (requires attunement)

This gauntlet is covered in hickory slabs where there would otherwise be plates of metal. Each of these slabs has runes carved into its roughly-hewn face that have been filled with dirt over time. This item has 3 charges and regains 1 expended charge each morning at dawn. If you are within arm’s reach of a tree as an action you can expend a charge and press your hand against the tree to draw a weapon or pieces ammunition from it. This can be any weapon you are proficient with or 1d4 pieces of ammunition for any weapon you are proficient with. The look and feel of each weapon changes with the type of tree it is drawn from, but these differences do not affect its function in any meaningful way. On a critical failure with any weapon created this way, or after 1 day without being bathed in water, the weapon splinters beyond repair. If you spend an action to return an un-splintered weapon created in this way to a tree within arms reach the gauntlet regains an expended charge.

Razorleaf Emerald wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

The centerpiece of this amulet is a pearlescent green emerald. An etching of a leaf can faintly be seen in the sheen of its surface and the gem is framed by delicate silver branches. This item has 4 charges and regains 1d4 charges each day at dawn. While attuned to this amulet you know the cantrip Gust if you did not previously. As a bonus action you can focus on a number of leaves up to your casting ability modifier (minimum 1) that you can touch. When you do so the leaves become hard as iron and can be treated as darts for the next minute. Additionally, as an action you can expend a charge to cast Gust of Wind. If you are in a forested area or an area with many trees the leaves around you begin to pick up speed as they fly through the wind like knives and any creature that makes a save against this effect takes 3d8 slashing damage on a failed save or half as much on a successful one. If you are not a caster your casting ability for this item is Wisdom.

Plate Armor of the Spider armor(plate, half plate), very rare (requires attunement)

This set of deep black and purple plate armor has some spiderwebs in it but otherwise is in pristine condition. This item has 3 charges and all expended charges recharge at dawn.

Arachnid Manipulation

While you are attuned to this armor you are able to convey basic commands and feelings to spiders and spider-like creatures allowing you to cast Command (DC 17) as a bonus action against any such creatures without expending a spell slot. If affected they will try to act in a way that is beneficial to you.

Spider Summoner

As an action you can expend a charge to simultaneously cast Web and Conjure Animals at a point within range. Conjure Animals can summon either 4 Swarm of Insects (spiders variant) or 1 Ettercap when used in this way. Additionally, webs created by this effect do not expire and must be destroyed to be removed.

Curse. When you are near spiders you sometimes hear whispers from Lolth herself of things she wants you to do. Additionally, any charges that are not expended by midnight are automatically used at point(s) of the DM’s choice within range. Any creatures summoned in this way have no duration and are not under your control, though they will not be hostile towards you unless you attack them.

Amulet of Nebu wondrous, very rare (requires attunement by a cleric or paladin)

This amulet made for the Golden One is a circle, shined to a mirror finish, with horns of a cow on either side and a large turquoise set in its base. It has 7 charges and regains all expended charges each day at dawn. While wearing it you are resistant to Radiant damage and have advantage on saving throws against being Blinded.

Eye of Ra

As an action you can expend a charge, making both the amulet and your eyes flicker with an orange light. Choose one point within 60 feet and as you stare at it a 30-foot-radius 120-foot-height cylinder of orange sunlight shoots from the heavens centered on that point. Each creature in the cylinder when it appears must make a Constitution saving throw, taking 5d10 Radiant damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. This cylinder leaves light scorch marks on the ground when it fades.

Mistress of the stars

As an action you can expend one or more charges, pulling a blue mote of light from the heavens for each charge spent as the turquoise twinkles. These motes of light settle from the sky to orbit around your head for the next hour, shedding a dim light in a 30-foot radius. You can use a bonus action to send one of these starlight motes streaking towards one creature or object within 120 feet of you. When you do so, make a ranged spell attack. On a hit the target takes 3d12 Radiant damage. Hit or miss if the target is a creature it must succeed a Constitution saving throw or be Blinded until the beginning of your next turn as the mote expires in a flash of light.

Apollo's Blessed Hide Armor armor(hide), very rare (requires attunement)

This well-crafted hide armor is a deep red, but does not appear to be dyed by conventional means, and does not have a single blemish or scratch.

Hand of Apollo

Once per short rest you can cast Conjure Volley, Swift Quiver, or Mass Cure Wounds as an action. 

Averter of Evil

While wearing this armor each day at dawn you can choose one type of creature: aberrations, fey, fiends, or undead. Creatures of this type have disadvantage on attacks rolls against you, and you can not be Charmed, Frightened, or Possessed by your chosen creature type until the next day.

Gungnir weapon(spear), legendary (requires attunement)

This spear is perfectly balanced, it’s shaft made from solid oak, and the tip gleams in the faintest of light. On a successful attack you can choose to deal either Piercing or Radiant damage and on a critical hit it deals an additional 2d6 Radiant damage. While attuned with this spear it has the property Thrown (60/180). If you throw and miss it immediately returns to your hand, but on a successful attack it returns at the beginning of your next turn. Additionally, you score a critical hit on a roll of 16 or higher when throwing this spear. This spear can not be broken except by a deity or avatar of a deity. 

Eyes of Odin

Each of your eyes is able to see things you weren’t able to before by closing the other. If you look through your left eye you are able to read all written languages, and if you look through your right eye you can see ethereal and invisible creatures up to 60 feet away.

Curse. When you attune to this weapon you are wracked with immense pain in your right eye and when you are finally able to open it a void filled with stars gazes back from within your socket. When you look through your right eye you see everything as if viewing it from the Ethereal Plane. Your eye can not be restored except by intervention of a deity, but in return you keep the Eye of Odin feature even after un-attuning from this weapon.

Thread of Theseus wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This ball of golden thread glimmers in the light and while you are holding it you always know which direction is north.  If you tie this thread tightly around an object the thread becomes anchored. When you do this the knot around the anchor, and end of the thread, vanish as if dissolving into thin air. As the ball of thread moves away from the anchor it continues to unravel as if securely fastened, but after a few inches the thread fades into nothing and can not be touched and can not be seen except with Truesight. This ball of thread never runs out as long as you are on the same plane of existence as the anchor. When you quickly yank three times on the ball of thread it activates and becomes taut. When it is activated all thread within 10 feet of the ball of thread becomes visible but still can not be touched, allowing you to trace it back to the anchor, no matter how far it may be.  This thread can only be cut with a silvered weapon or by going to another plane of existence but immediately breaks if the anchor is moved more than 5 feet after the thread is tied. If broken or cut, all unwound thread immediately disintegrates. This thread can only be anchored to one object at a time, and after being activated, cut, or broken, can not be used again for 3d12 days.

Golden Bow of Apollo weapon(longbow), very rare (requires attunement)

This elegant longbow is made of a bright gold, and despite its overbearing size draws with ease that defies common sense making this bow’s range twice that of a regular longbow. This bow contains 8 charges and regains all expended charges each day at dawn. While attuned you are granted divine health by the gods themselves and are immune to all disease and poisons as well as the poisoned condition.

Aim of Delphi

At the beginning of your turn you can choose to expend a charge to activate the bow until the end of your turn. While the bow is activated you may make attacks against any creature within range with advantage, even if they have full cover. When you do so, the arrows disappear in mid-flight, suddenly reappearing at their target.

Bringer of Healing and Plagues

When you make a successful attack with this weapon you may choose to expend a charge to cast Blight on the target you hit or to cast Mass Cure Wounds at the point the arrow strikes. Your spellcasting modifier for this effect is +5 or your own spellcasting modifier, whichever is higher.

Averter of Evil

When you make a successful attack with this weapon against an undead or fiend you instantly destroy it if its challenge rating is 2 or lower. If it is not destroyed it takes an additional 2d6 Radiant damage.

Book of Thoth wondrous, legendary (requires attunement)

This leatherbound book of ancient parchment is sealed shut and you are unable to figure out how to open it, but just by holding it you can feel that there is untold knowledge within it. While attuned to this book you are able to speak with plants and animals as if affected by the spells Speak with Animals and Speak with Plants. Additionally, you have proficiency with all Wisdom checks and saving throws. As an action once per day you can cast either True Seeing (with a duration of 10 minutes), or Contact Other Plane, ignoring components.

Curse. If you do not cast either True Seeing or Contact Other Plane for at least one day while attuned to this book you begin to see and hear things. When you make a critical fail on an ability check, or at any time your DM chooses, you suffer one of the following effects: You see something that does not exist until the end of your next turn, something near you appears to change forms until the end of your next turn, or you hear the voice of another creature near you.

You become so used to seeing things that you shouldn’t, speaking with that that doesn’t speak, and encountering other planar beings simply by being near this book that you automatically fail the first saving throw for any illusory effect or spell from the school of Illusion because you assume that it is one of the many apparitions you often encounter.

Tears of Ra potion, rare

This small clay flask is covered in ancient hieroglyphs but one stands out against all the others; a large hieroglyph of an eye. As an action you can throw this bottle up to 30 feet or pour it on the ground. When you do so the liquid shines like gold in the light before twinkling into four swarms of bees in the nearest spaces. For the next hour these bees attack anyone hostile towards the creature currently holding the bottle before returning to mundane water droplets and falling from the sky.