Surtr's Infernal Amulet wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This glass amulet is not polished as a glass bottle would be but is instead appears unfinished and crude. Beneath the rough surface you can see the flickering of a blazing fire and feel its warmth against your skin.
This amulet has 5 charges and regains all expended charges at dawn.

While wearing this amulet you have resistance to Cold damage and are not affected by extreme cold conditions. Additionally, you are immune to any magical fire that you create.

Cloak of the Storm wondrous, very rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This black cloak has a hint of blue with silvered threads dashing through it. When in motion it appears as if the threads are electrical energy crackling off the fabric. Inside the hood a silver insignia of Talos has been carefully stitched. This cloak has 12 charges and regains all charges at dawn.

While wearing this cloak you know the cantrip Gust if you did not already and can cast it as a bonus action.

Lesser Armory of Asmodeus wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

The object you see before you is best described as an ever-undulating ball of liquid mercury with a red glow deep inside its core. It seethes as your hand gets closer to it.
This item has 6 charges and regains all expended charges at dawn.

As an action you can command the orb of molten metal to transform into any simple or martial weapon of your choice, When you do so it rapidly bubbles and cools before floating into your hand. If it is already transformed you can command it to transform in your hand as a bonus action.
The metal of any weapon it forms into is always made of a dark iron, and the wood of ebony. Large claws are carved into their handles, and a ruby is always embedded into them somewhere. If the weapon it transforms into has the ammunition property each time you...

Greater Charm of the Eye wondrous, rare

This amulet is three golden eyes hung on a set of three connected chains. A large eye, half closed over a ruby, and two smaller eyes just above it on either side. While wearing this amulet when you make an opportunity attack against a creature you may make up to two additional opportunity attacks before the beginning of your next turn so long as you do not make more than one attack against any creature. Additionally, as a bonus action you can activate the amulet and the two small eyes snap open. When you do so you gain Truesight out to a range of 30 feet for the next 10 minutes. During this time you can not suffer from the condition Blinded but the condition is not removed. This feature can not be used again until the next dawn.

Derrahk's Stone Javelin weapon, rare (requires attunement)

This javelin is heavily weathered and is carved out of a single piece of what seems to be solid stone but is strangely light to be made of such a dense material.
It has 3 charges and regains all expended charges each day at dawn.

While you are on solid ground as a bonus action you can reach a free hand to the floor and speak its command word. When you do so if the javelin is on the same plane as you it disintegrates and rises out of the ground to meet your hand.

Additionally, if you hit a creature with this weapon you can choose to expend a charge. When you do so the creature must make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw or be Restrained for the next minute as a coating of stone creeps up from the ground and covers their legs. The creature may,...

Remorhaz's Plate Armor armor, rare (requires attunement)

From the jutting angles and rough texture of this snow white plate armor you can tell its obviously crafted from some form of chitin. The underside of each piece of plate is a spectacular orange and flares of color are visible through the chinks of the armor.

This plate armor is relatively light and its joints are notably flexible. It weighs 40 pounds and is considered medium armor for all proficiencies and class features. While attuned to and wearing this armor you are immune to the effects of extreme cold climates.
As an action you can expend a charge and when you do so the armor shudders slightly and all joints visibly tighten as you feel a sudden surge of heat. For the next minute any Fire damage you take is reduced by 10. This armor has 3 charges and regains 1 expended charge each day at dawn.


G'nehr's Vest of Vines armor, rare (requires attunement)

If this large seed wasn’t covered in intricate carvings of leaves you might think that it was just another fruit pit someone threw out.
As you attune with this item it slowly begins to sprout as its held in your hands, sending out a small shoot and several leaves. When the attunement is completed the young sprout wraps itself around the seed, mimicking the etchings on it’s side.

As a bonus action if the seed is touching you you can command it to activate. When you do so the seed will spring to life, covering you in armoring vines over the next turn. You can don the armor in this way once per short rest.
While wearing this armor you have an AC equal to 13 + your Dexterity modifier and if you know Druidic you can speak to the vines, gaining a climbing and crawling speed equal...

Augmier's Shattered Sphere wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This rough semi-translucent crystal is nearly the size of a man’s head and quite difficult to see into but appears to have an ever-changing light show within its core. When you find it it has four smaller but almost identical crystals nearby. 
All five of these crystals have hammered gold bands around them with large elemental runes chiseled into them. You can identify Fire, Cold, Acid, and Lightning runes on every crystal.
The main crystal holds 20 charges and regains up to 3d6 expended charges each day at dawn. The child crystals hold no charges, and instead consume charges from the main crystal.

While you are attuned to this item as a bonus action you may select a damage type from the runes. The selected type determines the type of all child crystals.
Any creature holding a child crystal, and within 120 feet of the main crystal,...

Spined Bucklers wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

Each of the bucklers from this set has two spines, one on either side that slope to a razor sharp tip, giving it the shape of an eye. The main body of the bucklers has a hammered finish while the spines are both polished perfectly smooth. As you initially inspect the bucklers you can not find any way to wear them. There are no straps or handholds, simply an engraved name on the back of each buckler.

While you are are attuned to these bucklers and within 120 feet of them you can gesture or call to one or both of them as an action. When you do so they will fly to you if able, going around obstacles and creatures, before snapping into place on your forearms. They float several inches off your arm, moving with you as if they are attached.
They can not be moved from...

Scroll of Weapon Mimicking scroll, common

This scroll has runes all along its outside edge and no way that you can discern to activate it. However, if this scroll is damaged by any melee weapon it will begin burning and the sound of crumpling paper can be heard. At the beginning of your next turn it will suddenly harden into a copy of the weapon that damaged it. This copy lasts 1 hour before it once again bursts into flames and then turns to ash. If the weapon is magical it will not copy any of its magical abilities but will perfectly mimic its appearance and basic properties.