Satchel of Superior Sorting wondrous, mediocre

This simple leather messenger bag was made by an eccentric sorcerer who was irritated that his component pouch was constantly so disorganized. It has as many or as few pockets as the wearer needs, up to 20 pockets. Each time the pouch is opened the contents are neatly organized even if they were not when it was closed and it has a free pocket for anything you are holding that fits into the bag. It always weighs 5 pounds, empty or full, and can hold up to 20 pounds of goods as long as they fit into the mouth of the satchel.

Hearthstone wondrous, common

These oblong rocks have been compared to a dragon’s egg because of their appearance. They are only the size of a fist but underneath the cracked rocky surface a red hot core is visible. They are usually found near hot springs, and are a commonplace heirloom passed down from generation to generation in the mountainous regions to protect against the bitter winters. It is inconveniently just a bit too warm to hold and you will take 1 fire damage every turn your skin is in contact with a hearthstone, although it will not start fires. A hearthstone is a boon to the injured and cold, as its aura of warmth has a comfort to it, and every hour you are within 5 feet of the Hearthstone you gain 1 hitpoint. In addition, while its in your backpack or other similarly close place you have advantage against exhaustion checks from cold...

Courtier's Scroll scroll, common

This scroll can be challenging to create as it’s much smaller than most, and is meant to be concealed within a hand. Its for those suitors with a magic flair and a bit of extra pocket change that are unable to master the magic arts themselves. When held in a fist and squeezed at arms length from the body it erupts into an eloquent bouquet complete with sparkle effects and gentle leafy sounds. The exact flowers that are created are chosen by the scroll maker. It also has a, possibly too small, arrow pointing in the direction the blossoms will emerge. If it’s not spotted roll a d4. On an even roll the flowers are rightside up, on an odd roll the flowers are upsidedown.

Pamsprei's Boots wondrous, mediocre

These calf-length leather boots are slick to the touch and have a light sheen to them. Strangely they never get stuck in the mud or get dirty, everything seems to roll right off of them. While wearing them you have advantage to escape any effect or object that would normally trap your feet and additionally difficult terrain involving mud, or other sticky substances, does not affect you. Be careful while walking on ice though.

Scroll of Waterbreathing scroll, common

When unrolled underwater this scroll quickly re-rolls itself before morphing into to a slender bamboo shoot about 5 feet long. It is hollow, and while very narrow the user will find they can breathe through it perfectly. The scroll will remain in this form for the next hour during which for all intents and purposes it is a length of bamboo. At the end of the hour it will collapse into a soggy sheet of parchment.

Extract of Cold potion, uncommon

This angularly carved crystal vial holds a thin light blue liquid. The crystal vial feels chilled to the touch and when let sit for long periods of time it forms crystals throughout the liquid that quickly dissipate when disturbed again. When it’s poured out of its container or shattered it steams and hisses as it freezes any inanimate object or liquid it touches. As it pools on the ground it forms a 10 foot square patch of smooth ice. Any creature that crosses this patch of ice must make a DC 12 dexterity check or end their turn and fall prone. It begins to melt after 1 minute. If it is consumed, the creature must make a DC 14 constitution check unless they are immune to cold damage. On a failure they take 3d6 cold damage and are Paralyzed for 1 minute, they may repeat this saving throw at the...

Watch of Timelessness wondrous, mediocre

This simple pocket watch is mesmerizing to a fault. Any creature that checks the time is momentarily hypnotized. They feel slightly disoriented and are unable to read a map or discern cardinal directions for the next minute making it very easy for them to become lost. It’s somehow cheering though, and if a creature takes a bonus action to pull it out of their pocket to check on it they gain an extra spring in their step and +10 movement speed.

Scroll of the Rod scroll, common

When this light gray parchment scroll is rolled tightly and bent over the knee it quickly stiffens as its color shifts to the look of cast iron. Over the next few seconds it elongates to a 4 foot rod that is as straight as an arrow. The rod is about two fingers wide, and feels like parchment but has all the properties of iron. It weighs 4 pounds and can support up to 400 pounds. The scroll will remain in this form for the next hour. At the end of one hour it will shrink down its previous size but will keep its metalic properties.

Scroll of Light Spawning scroll, common

This scroll appears to be a summoning spell to anyone who is not familiar with this scroll. If this scroll is activated it crumples itself and begins to inflate until it resembles a paper lantern. It then floats at head height an arms length behind the creature that activated it, casting light out to 15 feet. The scroll remains in this form for the next 8 hours or until it is damaged. When the 8 hours are up or it is damaged it sets alight and burns to ash. If it is put out it continues to dim until the light extinguishes completely and falls to the ground.

Scroll of Magic Armor scroll, uncommon

When unrolled this rough scroll grows in size and thickness until it is a fingers width thick and big enough around to encircle the creature that activated it. It floats in place where it was unrolled for a moment as purple glyphs fly from thin air as if magnetized to it. As it becomes saturated with glyphs it flies towards the creature that activated it and attempts to attach itself around their torso. If they choose to they can resist with a DC 14 Strength check, or dodge it with a DC 18 Dexterity(Acrobatics) check.

If they fail or are willing it cinches around their abdomen and the glyphs begin circling their body. While wearing the scroll they have advantage on saves against single target spells but incur a -10 penalty to their movement speed. The scroll crumbles to dust after 1 hour, as the glyphs fade away, or if...