Desert Wanderer's Friend scroll, common

When unrolled this scroll slowly lofts into the air just above head height and expands to create a 30 foot by 20 foot floating canvas, casting a lovely patch of shade. It will remain in the location it was opened for the next 10 hours before it sinks to the ground and dissolves into sand.

Lover's Link tattoo, common

This is one of the most graceful magical tattoos, it’s the first name of your loved one in a flowing script directly over the heart. This is a tattoo that is rare to find, as it’s one thing to be in love, and it’s another thing to never love again. If the partners are separated they can know the other is alive from the faint pulse coming from the tattoo. If the partner dies however the tattoo will shrivel and leave a scar where it once was, leaving the surviving partner to never love again. They may find those that they care for but they will never be able to find romance from that moment on.

Eyes of the Blind tattoo, uncommon

This tattoo is a circular design, usually in purple or red, on the neck or back of the head. It’s typically shared between blind and visioned siblings. When the tattoo is finished the left eye of each creature hazes over and they are unable to see from it.

Once per short rest either of the tattooed creatures can choose to see through their partner’s eyes as an action. For the next hour or until this effect is ended as an action the creature that activated this effect can see through the eyes of their partner instead of their own. During this time each of the creature’s left eyes are no longer hazed over and become the color of their partner’s eyes.

Bond of Paternity/Maternity tattoo, common

For this tattoo a small design resembling a birthmark is carefully inked on a baby or child and an adult. The child takes on a familial resemblance to the adult as it grows and is generally accepted by others as the progeny of the adult. After one year the strength of the bond deepens and requires magic/divine intervention to reveal or remove. if the child finds out about the mark (by themselves, through magic, or otherwise) after the period it takes to disappear, over the next year the effects of the bond wear off and they shed all familial resemblance to the adopting parent. Additionally, they may even grow to resent the parent for their lie, even if the parent was kind to them.

Bond of Battle tattoo, uncommon

These tattoos are popular amongst military units. This tribal forearm tattoo allows stupendous synchronization in battle, giving the pair of creatures +1 AC when standing within 10 feet of each other. Their movements almost seem as if they know exactly what the other is going to do next. However without their bonded partner they appear to be missing part of their senses and while farther than 30 feet from the bonded creature they both have disadvantage to Perception checks.

Band of Brothers tattoo, uncommon

The closest of comrades, and often siblings get these wide banded wrist or ankle tattoos. Creatures who share this tattoo know the general direction of their tattooed partner at all times. Whenever the bonded “brother” is suffering or in danger the other can feel twinges of pain from the tattoo. Additionally, they gain advantage to all checks to find or assist their brother when they are in peril. When a tattooed partner perishes the other feels intense agony throughout their body originating in pulses from the tattoo and loses 10 years of their own life.

Extract of Poison potion, uncommon

A fizzing clear liquid fills this small flask the size of two thumbs. If it is consumed the creature that consumed it suffers from the condition Poisoned until their next long rest and must make a Constitution saving throw DC 14 every minute for the next hour. On a failure the creature is paralyzed. On a success if they are paralyzed they are no longer paralyzed. After three successful saves (they do not have to be consecutive) or after 1 hour the effect ends and the creature is no longer paralyzed, however they remain Poisoned.

Extract of Lightning potion, uncommon

This vial is extraordinarily tall, almost as long as a man’s forearm. It’s capped with a flat metal stopper etched in a fractal pattern. It has no visible liquid in it yet it feels as though it sloshes, and it produces a dim light out to 5 feet. When opened all creatures in a 20 foot line must make a Dexterity saving throw DC 14 as a bolt of light lashes out creating a small clap of thunder that can be heard from 100 feet away. On a failure they take 4d6 Lightning damage, on a success they take half. If it’s shattered all creatures within a 10 foot radius take 1d6 lightning damage and must make a constitution saving throw DC 14. On a failure they are blinded for 1 minute. They may repeat this saving throw at the end of each turn.

Extract of Fire potion, uncommon

This glass globe has no visible opening on its dark clouded surface, and it is warm to the touch. Its contents appear to be a faintly glowing roiling cloud of flame. When the globe is thrown or smashed it expands violently into a cloud, reaching around corners, from the point where it landed, and all creatures within 15 feet must make a DC 14 Dexterity throw. On a failure they take 3d6 Fire damage. On a success they take half as much.

Extract of Acid potion, uncommon

A lime green sludge is contained within this oblong vial stoppered by a glass bauble. It froths and bubbles as if constantly in turmoil even when left alone. When it is poured out slowly onto a flat surface it will chew through up to a foot of solid rock or several inches of metal. When shattered all creatures within a 5 foot radius take 2d6 acid damage and must roll a Dexterity saving throw DC 14. On a failure they take an additional 2d6 acid damage on their next turn.