Vial of Thundering Orbs potion, uncommon

This small vial holds a clear foaming liquid, and has a wand of sorts attached to it by a string. As an action a creature can soak the wand in the liquid and blow on it, when they do so 10 airy crystalline orbs form at the end of the wand and gently float wherever the wind fancies. Using the vial in this way expends a charge. The orbs burst after traveling 100 feet, touching a creature, or bumping into a sharp object. When an orb bursts it deals 1d4 thunder damage to all creatures within 5 feet as a uncannily large concussion emanates from them that can be heard out to 100 feet. The vial is found with a number of uses equal to 2d10 or a number of the DM’s choosing and when all uses are expended it is empty and cannot be used again.

Satchel of 'Splosions wondrous, mediocre

Besides the small holes and scorch marks riddling this bag it looks like an average leather satchel. It appears to have nothing in it but if you reach in without looking you feel several large stones. As a bonus action a creature can reach into the bag and pull out a small fist sized stone that begins smoking. At the end of the creature’s next turn it will shatter with a low crack and a small flash of light. The crack can be heard from 100 feet away and the stone explodes into small fragments dealing 1d10 piercing damage to all creatures within 5 feet. Using the satchel in this way expends 1 charge. This Satchel has 4 charges, and it regains all expended charges each day at dawn . A creature can throw one of the exploding stones as an attack, it counts as an improvised ranged weapon and...

Derrahk's Stone Bracers wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

These bracers have a layer of angularly carved stone fastened over a pair of leather gloves. While wearing them and touching stone or earth with the gloves you gain several effects. If you are not a spellcaster these effects use your constitution modifier as your spellcasting modifier.

  • As a ranged spell attack you can form a small disk of stone or compacted earth and send it flying at a creature you can see within 60 feet. This does bludgeoning damage equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. If you’re able to make multiple attacks with the Attack action, this attack replaces one of them.
  • You can cast Mold Earth as an action.
  • As an action you can cast either Earth Tremor or Earth Bind. Once you use this feature you must finish a long rest before you can use it again.
Charm of the Eye wondrous, uncommon

This small golden amulet is about an inch across and resembles an eye half closed over an inlaid ruby. It hangs on three frail chains coming from each corner of the eye. While wearing this amulet when you make an opportunity attack against a creature you may make another opportunity attack before the beginning of your next turn so long as the second attack is not against the same creature.

Scarf of Summoning wondrous, mediocre

This light decorative scarf is a pleasant yellow and just large enough to tie around the neck or use as a bandana. They were made popular after a stellar review by a jungle explorer claiming it protected him from a large ape. It is not only a fashionable accessory though, once per short rest if the scarf is placed flat over a solid surface and the command word “banana bandana” is spoken a banana appears as the scarf is lifted. This banana is always ripe, but will go bad by the end of the day if not eaten. Some have tried summoning other things, even just other fruits with the scarves, but none have yet succeeded.

Sahaguin Stimulant potion, uncommon

The primary ingredient for this deep red potion is supposedly shark blood. Any creature that consumes the viscous fluid from it’s rough wooden cask gains 3d8 temporary hitpoints and a single action surge (see Fighter’s Action Surge) they can use. These each last for one hour, and expire after that time. Any creature that is not a Sahaguin suffers from the Poisoned status the day after they take the stimulant which lasts until they take another long rest.

Gentleman's Gloves wondrous, mediocre (requires attunement)

These white leather gloves are always the perfect fit. A true gentleman never dirties his hands, and these gloves will attune to the wearer as soon as they do something that would have otherwise dirtied their hands with the gloves on. They say beware a gentle man that goes to war. While wearing the gloves if you are above half hit points you cannot take a bonus action, but you can accomplish anything that would normally be a bonus action as an action. However when you drop below half health you are able to take two bonus actions per turn.

Folded Friends wondrous, common

These 10 inch squares of paper are beautifully flowered on one side and some even gilded. On the other side they are blank except for an intricately inked magic circle. When you find them there are 1d4+1 sheets. When someone begins to fold them they continue folding themselves until they begin to resemble a creature and become animated, although they don’t increase in size and only stand a few inches tall. These little helpers last for the next month, until they are damaged, or become wet. They follow commands from whoever began folding the paper.

With a little practice anyone can learn how to create one of the common forms or possibly even something new. The first time you make one of the common forms you must succeed on a DC 12 Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check. On a success you create the form you tried to make and never...

Satchel of Subpar Sorting wondrous, mediocre

This satchel appears in every way to be a Satchel of Superior Sorting and functions very similarly, it is a failed experiment by the same sorcerer that created the Sorting Satchel after all. But each time a pocket is created if there are more than 10 pockets total roll 1d20. On a 1 pick a pocket at random and that pocket is emptied into another dimension.

Dryad's Grapes wondrous, common

This odd gift made by a forest dryad appears to be a large cluster of oddly colored grapes. Truly though it is alive, and each day at dawn it grows 2d10 new purple spheres the size of a small marble. While they make look very much like a fruit on closer inspection each sphere is a shiney bulb of wood which is quickly made obvious to anyone who attempts to eat them. All “grapes” that have been plucked off the vine wither and grow mushy by the end of the day, making them useless.

These little wooden spheres are easily plucked off and the bunch can hold up to 50 of them before it stops growing more. As a bonus action a creature can grab a handful of the wooden orbs and scatter them on an adjacent space. Each time you do this it costs 20 grapes. Any creature moving...