Augmier's Orb of Armament wondrous, uncommon

This cloudy white orb has a scarlet sheen to it and when you stare into its depths you see shadows flickering throughout it. It weighs 3 pounds and is the size of a grapefruit. You can discover the commands for the orb by studying it’s depths for a short rest. When you study the orb it will reveal it’s command words in gnomish script within the shadows. As an attack action, you may speak a command word while holding the orb to do one of the following:

  • You absorb a light or thrown weapon you are holding into the orb. If it is already holding 10 such weapons, nothing happens.
  • You pull out a weapon of your choice that is stored in orb. If you do not have a free hand to pull it from the orb it falls to the ground.
  • You expel a weapon of your choice...

    Matador's Mantle wondrous, mediocre

    The Matador’s Mantle is a gaudy short red cape with gilded edges and intricate stitching. As a bonus action while wearing this cape, you can spend 15 feet of movement to move 5 feet. This movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks.

    Gloves of Channeling wondrous, mediocre

    These leather gloves are wrist length and seem to be burned with a delicate, asymmetrical web of right angles. The gloves have 5 charges and while casting a spell if you are wearing the gloves and expend a number of charges equal to the spell slot used you may ignore any verbal or somatic components for the spell. When you expend charges in this way the gloves network of burns glows with energy that varies in color depending on the school of magic. The gloves regain all expended charges each day at dawn.

    Cloak of Hot Air wondrous, common

    This cloak always seems to be affected by a light breeze and flows behind you constantly. While wearing this cape you have advantage on Charisma checks to appear heroic, royal, or awe-inspiring.

    Channeling Circuits tattoo, common

    This tattoo is an interwoven web of right angles, usually stretching from the torso to fingertips. You gain two abilities and you may use one per short rest.

    • You cast a spell up to 5th level ignoring verbal and somatic components.
    • You cast any 1st level spell or cantrip that would normally be an action or bonus action as a reaction to being attacked, or as an opportunity attack.
    Needle of Mending wondrous, common

    This needle has a short length of bright red thread attached to it and the smallest of runes around the eye. If you take 1 minute you can repair any single tear or hole in leather or cloth as long as it’s no larger than 3 feet in any dimension, and all the material is still there. If material is missing and you have more available you can use new material to replace it. After an hour the thread melds into the surface and the seam disappears as if it was never there. The thread never seems to run out.

    Wand of Mending wand, uncommon

    This wand is made of a sturdy oak and each end is seamlessly reinforced with bronze. It has 5 charges and regains 1d4+1 charges each day at dawn. You may choose to spend a charge to cast Mending with a range of 10 feet. For every additional charge spent to cast Mending the size you may mend increases by 1 foot. If you double the charges spent you may cast Mending as an action.

    Derrahk’s Portable Battlement armor, rare (requires attunement)

    This shield is made from a thin sheet of solid stone, and is etched with radiating lines. While you are touching solid ground you may activate or deactivate the shield as an action by speaking the command word. When activated the shield expands, spiking along the radiating lines to a width of 15 feet, a height of 10 feet, and rooting itself and you into the ground. This provides full cover to all creatures behind the shield (including yourself) and while the shield is active you are not able to be shoved, or moved magically, but you are Restrained until you deactivate the shield.

    Dionysus' Decanter wondrous, common

    This hardy wine bottle is completely opaque and holds a strong, deep red alcohol but it cannot be poured out, only drunk from. It can be depleted but any liquid poured into the flask is instantly transformed into an equal amount of alcohol and any poison is nullified. Any creature that has drunk from the decanter knows the direction of the nearest alcohol within 10 miles (besides the decanter) for the next hour.

    Scroll of Scrolling scroll, common

    This scroll unrolls into a 1 foot square with a magic circle in the center. When a book, a stack of papers or parchment, or any non-living object with writing (that fits on the scroll) is placed into the magic circle, it activates. Light emits from the lines of the magic circle and the scroll smokes until the object placed on it is enveloped. Once it finishes this process the smoke clears to reveal a scroll replacing the original object, but containing all the written information that was on it. The covering of the scroll depends on the material provided. For instance a hardbound book becomes a scroll within a custom fitted scroll case in the color of the binding. This is useful for making travel versions of books because scrolls created in this way are never more than half the original weight. If a scroll created in this way...