Lead Hex Crossbow weapon, rare

This crossbow is made almost entirely of metal and has a rune scorched into the stock. It is twice as heavy as it normally would be, and can not have the property light. You can choose to attack normally with it, or instead, when you make an attack you can choose to imbue the bolt with the aspect of lead.

When imbued with the aspect of lead the bolts do not do any damage, but on a successful hit they explode into a hexagonal prism of metal that appears to pierce through the target. These prisms do not create any holes or surface damage, despite appearing to pass through objects. This prism weighs 15 pounds if it’s from a hand crossbow, 20 pounds from a light crossbow, and 40 pounds from a heavy crossbow. Each prism decreases the target creature’s movement by 5 feet if it is large or smaller,...

Ring of the Golden Defender ring, varies

This polished gold ring has a thick ivory inlay. As soon as you attune to it it reaches out to you, impressing upon you to put it on the first finger of your dominant hand. It can not speak, but it can communicate to you through ideas, images, and emotions.

Stages of Power. The desire of this ring is to protect other innocent creatures lives. If you earn the trust of the ring by showing your devotion to the protection of creatures around you and going beyond the call of duty to do so it will grant you power. When you attune with it you start at the Ring Stage, and move forward as the ring decides you are trustworthy. However if you betray the trust of the ring, you may move back a stage. Each stage of power has access to all the abilities of the stage before it....

Ring of Eldritch Energy ring, rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This bone ring has a deep purple inlay, and is set with an onyx. While wearing this ring, every short rest you take you gain 1d6+4 temporary hit points.
As a bonus action you can choose to expend all remaining temporary hit points gained in this way to cast Eldritch Blast even if you do not know it.
Additionally, while attuned to the ring you know the cantrip Chill Touch, and can cast it using the ring as a focus.

Cloak of Conspicuous Armor wondrous, common

As an action while wearing this gray pleated cloak you can wrap it around yourself and choose a type of heavy armor. You immediately appear to be wearing the armor you choose. This armor appears polished as if it is brand new, and with embellishments of your choice. This does not affect your AC and you are not considered to be wearing armor for the sake of any bonuses. This effect lasts until you remove the cloak or dispel it as an action. If a creature touches the armor, or makes a successful Intelligence (Investigation) check DC 15, they are immediately aware of the illusion but otherwise they are convinced so long as they did not see you begin the illusion.

Teacup of the Tempest wondrous, very rare (requires attunement by a Barbarian)

This delicate white teacup is fit for a nobleman, but will not chip or crack. It has been rumored to have been originally found when it was flung through a window, carried from a shipment of china by a violent storm. While you are attuned to the teacup you can gain up to 5 charges that can be used to activate the magic of the teacup.

Jar of Hoarder Beetles wondrous, common

This wide glass jar weighs 2 pounds and has holes poked in it’s lid. It contains about a dozen beetles of blue and green hues, each the size of two thumbs, and their hoarde they sleep on. When you find the jar it has 2d10 silver pieces in it, 1d10 each of gold and copper pieces, and a selection of shiny rocks and bits lying at the bottom. The beetles will always find their way back to the jar at dusk as long as their hoarde is worth at least 2 gold and covers the bottom of the jar.

If released the beetles will fly off in search of shiny objects to add to their pile. When released at dawn within a town the beetles gather 1d10 silver, 1d4-1 each of gold and copper, and 1d4 shiney rocks and bits throughout the day. For every two hours after dawn they...

Axe of the Swarm weapon, rare

This rough axe has a series of holes, each trapping a stone bead, behind its cutting edge. These beads shake and rattle each time the axe is swung, making a deep humming sound.

On a critical hit with this weapon a small swarm of beetles fly from the beads and attack all creatures within 5 feet of the target creature, not including you, dealing 2d4 piercing damage to each creature.
While holding this weapon as an action you can make a DC 10 Animal Handling check, on a success a small swarm of beetles emerges that can accomplish any task that Mage Hand could and lasts 1 minute. You can summon up to three swarms in this manner, these swarms are under your control but will not attack.

If you put down or for any reason stop holding this weapon any swarms you currently have summoned attack you...

Bloodwraught armor, rare (requires attunement)

This rectangular shield of dark iron has deep grooves in it stained a dull red.
As a reaction to being hit by an attack you can activate the shield. When you activate the shield you feel a sharp pang in your hand and forearm. You take 1d8 Necrotic damage, and the grooves in the shield glow a sickly red as a dark barrier of magical force surrounds you. Until the start of your next turn, you have a +5 bonus to AC, including against the triggering attack, and are lightly obscured.

Pen of Many Messages wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This pen does not have a feather and requires no refill from an inkwell. In fact it would only be considered a pen in name and function, most would not recognize it as a pen at all. It appears to be a thin metal rod the length of a man’s hand and decorated with gold inlay. To attune to this pen you must write your true name, not an alias or nickname, 100 times on a piece of parchment or paper using this pen.

While attuned to this pen you may summon it into your hand at any time as an action, and you know the cantrip Vicious Mockery. While holding the pen Vicious Mockery does an additional 1d4 damage. Additionally, once per short rest you can cast the spell Skywrite with the pen, ignoring concentration. This pen has yet another special property though. As an action you can create...

Death's Scales wondrous, legendary (requires attunement)

This scale is no merchant’s scale. It holds the power of life and death itself in its balance. The base and arms are made of black ivory, and inlaid with pearl. The weighing pans are in the shape of hands cast from pure silver and hung from silver chains.
This scale is found with three ornate alignment weights made to look like figurines. The first is chiseled from stone and covered in black opals, and represents evil. The second is carved from wood and inlaid with diamonds, and represents neutral. The last is shaped from gold and has a single sapphire in its center, and it represents good.