Cael Hammer weapon, rare (requires attunement)

This hammer has a massive square head made from a gold alloy and its spiked face is well worn. On each side of the hammer’s head there is a small hole that seems to be made to hold a prism or gemstone. The handle is forged from a blue steel and where your hands would rest it is tightly wrapped in cloth. The hammer as a whole weighs 8 pounds and has the property heavy.

Checkered Face. Attacks made with this hammer ignore resistance to bludgeoning damage and grant you advantage on attack rolls against stone objects.

Stunning Wallop. At the beginning of your turn you can choose to bring the hammer down over your head with inhuman force, the hammer seeming to pull itself towards the ground. Make an attack roll against a target within 5 feet as an action. On a successful attack the target takes an additional...

Mummified Hand of Delilah wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

You find an old withered hand, no more than skin drawn taut across bones, and tarnished rings hanging loosely from the fingers. Once per day, as an action, you can rattle the rings on the hand and as you do so the smell of lilies fills the air around you. Choose any number of creatures within 60 feet and those creatures must succeed on a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw or be Charmed.

While a creature is charmed by this item they must move at least 10 feet towards you each turn if they are able to. They may repeat this saving throw at the end of each of their following turns. If they take any damage or succeed the saving throw they are no longer charmed and are immune to this effect for the next week.

Additionally, as an action or bonus action you can touch a charmed creature...

Bear of Resting wondrous, uncommon

This is a small stuffed animal appears to be a slightly smushed bear with several patches sewn onto it. If you spend a long rest holding or sleeping with this bear you lose 1d4-1 levels of exhaustion. Additionally, if you hold or sleep with this bear during a long or short rest you gain 1d4 temporary hit points that last until your next rest. You do not gain any benefits if you share the bear during your rest.

Augmier's Homemade Buckshot Cannon wondrous, uncommon

This item consists of a metal tube the length and width of a man’s forearm attached to a glassy gray orb in front of a large reinforced wooden stock. The stock has a hole on the back you can open and pour a bag of ball bearings into as an action. It can store up to three bags of ball bearings and weighs 12 pounds regardless of how many ball bearings it has stored. As an attack action you can strike the glassy orb and it will expel a number of ball bearings of your choice, up to 1000 ball bearings (1 bag worth), with a dull thud. Interestingly the ball bearings have increasing velocity proportional to the number of ball bearings expelled.

If you expel 200 or more ball bearings all creatures within a 30 foot cone must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw. On a failure the...

Heart of the Mountain wondrous, very rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster or dwarf)

This item is visibly sculpted to look like a humanoid heart. It has a large ruby depressed into its left side. When you attune to this heart a light within the ruby begins softly pulsating in time with your own pulse, and a soft thrumming can be heard coming from within the stone.

While attuned to this item you must fail 5 death saving throws to die instead of 3.

Additionally, once per day as an action you can choose to cast either Stoneskin or Investiture of Stone on yourself, ignoring concentration. If you are not a spellcaster you use your Constitution modifier as your spellcasting ability for this effect. If you choose Investiture of Stone you gain 1 level of exhaustion as the spell ends.

Roaring Hammer of Resonance weapon, very rare

This hammer is made of a single piece of metal, including the handle, and is hollow even though it weighs the same as any other hammer. It has a hole on each end of the head and when swung makes a sound akin to a muffled warcry.

On a successful hit with this weapon the target creature and all creatures within 5 feet except yourself take thunder damage equal to your proficiency modifier, as it creates a loud gong-like smash.

On a critical failure with this weapon the concussion vibrates through your arms and you take 1d10 thunder damage.

Other weapons of this type exist, such as Roaring Maul of Resonance, and Roaring Flail of Resonance, but warhammers are the most common.

Blue Arcing Blade weapon, rare (requires attunement)

When you find this weapon it has lightning coming off it in tendrils, arcing to almost any object or surface within 5 feet of it. When you get closer you notice that it’s made of a bright blue metal with white streaks running through it. It has a gold handle with a sapphire embed in the hilt.

Until it is attuned with a creature every time you attempt to pick it up you must succeed on a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or take 1d4 lightning damage.

Jar of Fairy Light wondrous, common

This small jar is made with a thick glass and has several colorful lights that flit about within it, shedding dim light out to 10 feet. You can use this jar of strange lights as an arcane focus. Whenever you cast a spell of first level or higher using the jar as a focus the jar casts Dancing Lights at a point within range ignoring concentration. You can choose where these lights appear but can not move them or combine them.

Bust of the Arcane Sculptor wondrous, very rare (requires attunement arcane spellcaster)

This marble bust weighs 4 pounds and depicts a heavily bearded man in a philosophical pose rumored to be Mordenkainen. Its base is covered in runes and appears to be well worn.

While you are holding this bust you can use it as an arcane focus. When you use this item as an arcane focus you gain the following benefits.

Wooden Walker of the Circle wondrous, very rare

This vehicle appears to be a hollowed out tree covered in vines and branches, still alive and growing. It has two seats facing towards the middle of the vehicle where it has a set of three wooden levers. While a creature is sitting in the walker it has half cover, can fasten themselves to the walker as a bonus action, and can control it as an action or bonus action to move up to 30 feet per round. The walker can move up walls and on ceilings, but any creature not fastened in must make a DC 14 Strength check each turn or fall out of the walker. The walker can also float, as if using the spell Water Walk and has a movement speed of 10 feet while doing so.

The walker can carry up to 400 pounds, its speed is halved if the weight exceeds this, and reduced...