Bones of a Wandering Soul wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This simple leather pouch has several charred bones in it and a small dusting of ashes. There is no smell of smoke though, so you know these must be quite old.

When attuned to this bag of bones no matter how far you are from them if you are incapacitated a ghostly figure rises from your body. This is not your soul, and you do not know whose it is. You gain the following benefits while incapacitated from this ghostly figure.

Once per turn you can mentally command the wandering soul to deal 1d8 necrotic damage to a creature you do not recognize as an ally within 30 feet. You do not know what or who that creature is, only if it is a creature you already know and if you consider them an ally or not.

Additionally, if a creature makes a melee attack against you they must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 10) or become Frightened of you for the next minute, or until they are farther than 30 feet from you, as their mind is bombarded by the wandering soul.

Lastly, once per turn you can telepathically reach out to a humanoid corpse within 30 feet and determine the answer to a single yes or no question if the creature knew the answer in life. You can ask a corpse up to three questions in this way.

Curse. While the wandering soul remains in the bones you can not un-attune from this item unless you are within the area of a Hallow spell. If Remove Curse is cast on you or this item the caster must make a DC 16 Intelligence(Arcana) check as the wanderer resists. On a failure the spell does nothing.

If all of the bones are removed from the bag the bones begin to clatter and an Avatar of Death is summoned by the creature that removed the bones. It screeches at the creature for disturbing its slumber and begins attacking it. It is resistant to all damage from any creature except the one that summoned it.

If the Avatar of Death is defeated a putrid black smog wafts out from the bones and they become mundane. If the avatar reduces the creature they were attacking to 0 hit points it places the bones back within the pouch and vanishes.

Circlet of Mental Fortitude wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This wide gold circlet is set with a single cloudy aquamarine and is etched with a pattern resembling a brick wall.

This circlet has 4 charges, and regains 1d4 charges each day at dawn. When you must make a Wisdom, Charisma, or Intelligence saving throw you can choose to expend a charge to gain advantage on that saving throw. If you expend a charge in this way while incapacitated you automatically succeed the saving throw, as the effect meets with an impenetrable wall within your mind.

Additionally, when you attune to this item you may pick a mental saving throw, either Wisdom, Charisma, or Intelligence, and are proficient in saving throws using the chosen ability until you un-attune to the circlet.

Robe of the Brotherhood armor(chain shirt), rare (requires attunement by a creature proficient with religion)

As you pick it up you realize this simple light gray robe was obviously made for a brother who was more than just a clergyman. Underneath it is a chain shirt carefully woven into the fabric.

When you take the Help action you can expend a charge to activate the robe. When the robe is activated, up to five creatures of your choice that you can see within 60 feet are bathed in a soft light and gain advantage to their first attack roll or ability check before the end of their next turn. At the end of their next turn the light fades away. This robe has 4 charges and regains 1d4 expended charges each day at dawn.

Berserker Belt wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This black leather belt has a large brass buckle and blood stains deeply ingrained in it.

Once per long rest as an action, or at the same time you enter a rage if you have the Rage feature, you can activate the belt. As you do so the buckle begins bleeding as if it is alive, and your vision tints red. For the next minute you have disadvantage on all Intelligence checks and ability checks that rely on sight. Additionally, for the next minute each time you take damage unless the damage was dealt to your temporary hit points the belt gains 1 charge, up to 10 charges.

At the beginning of your turn you gain a number of temporary hit points that last 1 hour equal to the charges in the belt. At the end of the minute all charges in the belt are expended and you gain 1 level of exhaustion.

Phantom Mask of Manipulation wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This face mask is pure white with pewter trim around its edges. It is sculpted into what could be called a bird head with an unusually short beak, also covered in pewter, but with delicate filigree.

Hand in the Shadows

As a bonus action if there is dim light anywhere within 60 feet of you you can manipulate it into a shape of your choosing. This shape can not be larger than 10 feet on any side, and has no substance. You can create this shape anywhere within 60 feet of you that you can see, but do not need to maintain sight with it. Additionally, as an action you can manipulate a shape you have created to move as long as it remains within range. This shape remains until you use this effect again, it is exposed to magical light, or you move out of range.

Phantom Puppeteer

While wearing this mask you can use it as a spellcasting focus to cast spells from the school of Enchantment. When you do so, you can feel a new force.Your face tingles slightly and certain spells are stronger than they were before. When you cast the spell Charm Person, Calm Emotions, or Enthrall against a single target the target creature has disadvantage on their saving throw. Additionally, when you cast the spell Sleep you may roll an additional 2d8 to determine how many hit points of creatures the spell can affect.

Iron Curtain wondrous, uncommon

This dark gray heathered cloak is unusually stiff, even more so than the starched capes of nobles, and on closer inspection you surmise that it has a tight weave of wires of varying thicknesses throughout it. It weighs about 6 pounds and will not tear.

While wearing this cloak as a bonus action you can pull it over you to shield yourself. Until the beginning of your next turn you have resistance to piercing and slashing damage but are considered Restrained by the stiff material.

Instrument of Bardic Assistance wondrous, rare (requires attunement by a creature proficient with this instrument)

This instrument has graceful blue markings stained onto it radiating from a single diamond embedded in its surface.

Once per short rest as an action you can begin a lilting melody that changes with the rhythm of the battle. For the next 10 minutes as long as you maintain concentration you can use the Help action as an action or bonus action to assist any creature within 30 feet of you with an attack or ability check.

Additionally, while you are concentrating on this song as an action you can invigorate a creature with the sound of your music, granting them 1d8 + your Charisma modifier temporary hit points that last until the beginning of your next turn.

Chains of the Brothers in Arms wondrous, rare

You could almost call it a pair of handcuffs except the length of chain between each cuff is easily over 10 feet long. The metal chain is surprisingly thin for its length and each link has two barbs protruding from either side.

When two creatures each put on one of the cuffs the chain between them slowly fades until it is completely incorporeal and no longer visible unless you are on the Ethereal plane. While in this state it has no physical bounds and the creatures can move freely. However, when one of the cuffed creatures enters into combat a 5-foot ghostly length of chain appears from both cuffs that is drawn taut towards the other creature. Neither creature can take off the cuffs while the ghostly chains are pulling at them. If either creature ends their turn farther than 15 feet from the other while one of them is in combat they both take 1d4 Psychic damage.

If they are within 15 feet of each other either of the two cuffed creatures can whip the ghostly chain between them as an action. Any creatures hostile towards the cuffed creatures that are directly inbetween them must make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, the creature takes 1d10 Force damage and is Restrained until the end of their next turn. On a success, the creature takes half as much damage and is not Restrained.

If either of the cuffed creatures falls unconscious or takes off their cuff the chain suddenly snaps out of the Ethereal plane at the feet of the other creature and the other creature takes 2d6 Slashing damage. If they are farther apart than 15 feet the other creature takes an additional 2d6 Slashing damage.

Right Hand of the Reaper wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This glove has a cuff that extends down the length of your forearm and is stitched from a dark-brown supple leather. The tips and pads of its fingers as well as the palm are reinforced with black leather. It has a short silver claw extending out from the tip of the thumb and small silver plates covering the back of each finger. To attune to this item you must wear it for the duration.

This item has 25 charges, and if you have a positive Wisdom modifier it gains an additional number of charges equal to your Wisdom modifier times 5. It regains all expended charges after a long rest. When you make a successful unarmed attack with this glove you can expend a number of charges to deal that much additional Necrotic damage.

Skilled Harvester

When you wield a Sickle it deals 1d6 slashing damage, has the property Finesse, and when you wield it with two hands it deals an additional 1d6 Necrotic damage.

Hand of Repose

While attuned to this glove you know the cantrip Mage Hand if you did not before. Additionally, when you cast Mage Hand it is completely invisible to all except you, and appears as a skeletal hand; It can carry up to 20 pounds and has no duration, lasting until you dismiss it as an action or cast Mage Hand again.

Curse. The moment you finish attuning to this glove the arm you are wearing it on is wracked with pain. You take 1d12 Necrotic damage and your vision extends out into the Ethereal plane despite your body remaining in the mortal plane. You hear whispers around you growing ever closer until your senses return to your body and you become aware of how light your arm is.

While the glove is covering your arm you cant notice any difference, but when you take off the glove you can see that your arm stops in a withered stump. Your arm and hand are gone. When the glove is “worn” where your arm once was you can “use your hand” as normal, but it is incorporeal otherwise.

If you have the feature Lay on Hands whenever you use it you make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8). On a failure your pools of energy conflict and you must roll 1d10, expending that many charges and dealing that much Necrotic damage to the target creature.

If you dispel the curse on this item it is destroyed and your arm does not return.

Vial of the Watery Steed wondrous, rare

Within this fist sized vial is a bright aquamarine water, clear as crystal, that refracts light that passes through it. When poured out onto the ground it reaches from the ground to form tentacles that whip into a Large four legged creature. This creature has the body of a horse but at the end of its graceful neck is the head of a sea creature. It is the same color as the water within the vial but is mostly opaque, with a dark mane. It is equipped with a saddle, bit, and bridle, especially made for its physique out of white leather. Any of this equipment dissolves into a puddle of water if carried more than 10 feet from the steed.

The steed will remain for the next 10 hours before slowly dissolving into a puddle over the course of 1 minute, allowing the rider to dismount. However it will abruptly convulse into a mist if it takes any fire damage, is reduced to 0 hit points, or enters into an environment of extreme cold or extreme heat.

The steed uses the statistics for a warhorse, except it has a speed of 80 feet, and a swimming speed of 40 feet. You can ride it as any other well trained mount and it will do its best to avoid taking damage until you give it a command. When the steed is destroyed or reaches the end of its time it returns to the vial if it is open and will not form again for 1d4 days. If the vial is not open it will wait until the next dawn to attempt to return to the bottle before permanently leaving for the plane of water.

Compelling Necklace of the Beast wondrous, very rare

This necklace has simply carved wooden beads strung on a thick rawhide strap. Each bead seems to have a different depiction of an animal etched into it.

As an action any beast wearing this necklace and capable of doing so can howl, shriek, or otherwise make an audible verbal noise, activating the necklace and causing an odd chord to ring through their cry. Each creature within 5 feet of the beast when it activates the necklace is strangely compelled to attack it. If it uses the attack action on its next turn and does not attack the beast or include it in an attack it takes 1d4 Psychic damage.

Helm of Selective Hearing wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This helmet has large semi-spheres that cup over your ears. These metal earmuffs are lined with wool and quite cozy.

Even while not attuned to the helmet, while you are wearing it you have disadvantage to any checks that involve hearing. However, you are immune to being Deafened and you gain advantage to saving throws against taking Thunder damage.

When you are attuned, as an action you can focus your hearing in another location. When you do this you create an invisible sensor within 1 mile in a location familiar to you (a place you have visited or seen before), or in an obvious location that is unfamiliar to you (such as behind a door, around a corner, or in a grove of trees). The sensor remains in place until you dismiss it and can’t be attacked or otherwise interacted with.

When you do this you can hear without the hearing disadvantage imposed by the helmet, but you can only hear as if you are in the sensor’s space.

A creature that can see the sensor (such as a creature benefiting from See Invisibility or truesight) sees a bulbous fleshy ear about the size of your palm.

Melf's Meteor Helm wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This helm appears to be made of heavily pocked and dented bronze but its walls are incredibly thick. After further inspection you realize that this helm is actually carved from metallic rock which would explain why it’s so heavy.

As an action while wearing this helm you can create 1d4+1 tiny meteors in your space. They float in the air and orbit you tightly for the next minute. As a bonus action you can expend a meteor, sending it streaking toward a point you choose within 120 feet of you. Once a meteor reaches its destination or impacts against a solid surface, the meteor explodes. Each creature within 5 feet of the point where the meteor explodes must make a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw, taking 2d6 Fire damage on a failed save.

After a meteor has been orbiting you for 1 minute it will spontaneously explode. You must make a collective saving throw against any of the meteors that explode, taking 2d6 Fire damage per meteor on a failed save, or half on a successful one.

Ancient Sword of the Scribe weapon(shortsword), rare (requires attunement)

This sword is splotched over with black and blue stains and feels extremely light. It has a scabbard covered in old parchments and weathered runes.

As an action you can transform the sword into an ink pen or back into a shortsword and when you do so specific runes across the scabbard glow softly. Once per day an action you can activate the sword by running your hand across the runes on the scabbard. Inky black tendrils curl out from the scabbard creating a copy of a set of runes on the surface of the blade. For the next 10 minutes when you hit a creature with this weapon that creature has disadvantage on the first attack roll it makes before the end of its next turn.

Additionally, once per short rest you can create 1d4 sheets of parchment as an action and yet another section of runes glow softly. Any previous sheets of parchment you have created in this manner are destroyed when you create new sheets unless they have sufficient information on them to be considered valuable artistically or intellectually.

Ring of the Sudden Strike ring, very rare (requires attunement)

This ring is set with three black opals in an ornately shaped silver band.

Once per short rest at the end of a hostile creature’s turn you can teleport to an unoccupied space up to 60 feet away in a puff of purple smoke. You can then make a melee attack with advantage against a creature within reach. Additionally, once per day at the end of a hostile creature’s turn you can take the attack action as if it is your turn.

Curse. If you use either of this ring’s features the first attack roll against you within the next minute has advantage. If this attack hits you you take an additional 2d8 Necrotic damage.

Shield of Mental Dominance armor(shield), very rare (requires attunement)

This simple round shield is rimmed with a band of clear crystal that is hard as iron.

While attuned to this shield you have proficiency with Intelligence saving throws if you did not before. This shield has 3 charges that recharge on a long or short rest. While you are wielding this shield as a reaction you can choose to expend a number of charges to activate it at the end of another creature’s turn.

Force of Mind

You expend 1 charge to target a creature within 30 feet and make an Intelligence check contested by the target’s Wisdom or Intelligence check (the target chooses the ability to use). If you succeed, you knock the target prone and push it 10 feet away from you.

Mental Grasp

You expend 2 charges to instantly cast Hold Person. You use your Intelligence as your casting ability for this feature.

Pendant of Icy Deflection wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This pendant is a pale blue sapphire set into a wide silver base etched with the fractal patterns of morning frost. It hangs from a thin silver chain with no magical properties. This pendant has 4 charges, and regains 1d4 expended charges each dawn.

As a bonus action you can expend 1 charge, or as a reaction to being hit by a ranged weapon attack you can expend 2 charges, to activate the Pendant. When you activate the pendant it grows bitterly cold and bolts of ice dart from its center at incoming missiles. Each time you are hit by a ranged weapon attack from a creature you can see, including the triggering attack, the damage is reduced by 1d10 + your Dexterity modifier until the end of your next turn. If you reduce the damage of a missile to 0 it drops from the air at your feet, frozen in a chunk of ice.

Pendant of Forceful Deflection wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This pendant is a deep purple amethyst set into a wide black metal base etched with ever expanding ripples. It hangs from a small chain with a gap in the back where the clasp would be yet holds together despite the missing clasp. When you pull it over your head the gap expands and then retracts to fit the pendant snugly against your neck. This pendant has 4 charges, and regains 1d4 expended charges each dawn.

As a bonus action you can expend a charge to activate the pendant and create an invisible barrier of force particles around you. The first attack that hits you before the end of your next turn is reduced by 2d10 + your Constitution modifier, expending the barrier. If you reduce the damage of this attack to 0 it is reflected back and the target of the attack becomes the creature or object that attacked you. While this barrier is active you take no damage from Magic Missile.

Pendant of Fiery Deflection wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This pendant is a garnet set into a wide bronze base devoid of any marking. It is warm to the touch and hangs from a similarly plain bronze chain. This pendant has 8 charges, and regains 2d4 expended charges each dawn.

As a bonus action you can activate the Pendant and it will softly flicker. Until the beginning of your next turn any time a creature you can see within 15 feet of you, including yourself, is hit by a ranged weapon attack you can choose to expend a charge to reduce the damage of the attack by 1d8 + your Dexterity modifier by blasting the missile with a searing bolt of flame from the pendant. If you reduce the damage of a missile to 0 it burns to ash before it reaches the target creature.

Greatsword of Ethereal Displacement weapon(greatsword), legendary (requires attunement)

This greatsword has a blade of folded steel that shimmers in the light and a hilt adorned with pearl inlays. When you attune to it you feel a faint presence touch your mind and you hear a whisper through your thoughts. The sword can telepathically communicate with anyone touching it, but it seems far away and is barely audible. It asks you for souls, it does not care of what or whom, to be sent to the ethereal plane. Or in simpler terms, for you to kill.

Bloody Displacement

Every time you draw blood with this sword you can feel it’s satisfaction. When you successfully hit a creature with this sword you may teleport up to 10 feet, and when you reduce a creature to 0 hit points with this sword you may teleport up to 30 feet. You must teleport to an unoccupied space when you teleport in this manner.

Otherworldly Movement

Once per short rest as an action while holding the sword you can cast Blink.

Planar Beacon

When this sword is driven into the ground it can serve as a destination sigil for a spell such as Teleport or other similar teleport spells. In order to use it as a destination the caster must know the sigil sequence for the sword which the currently attuned creature can teach to anyone they choose. If a creature attempts to teleport to the sword while it is not driven into the ground the spell fails and is wasted.

Additionally, any creature that has touched the sword within the past 24 hours can take a knee and mentally reach out to the sword as an action. If they are on the same plane as the sword, within 1 mile, and if the sword is still driven into the ground from since they last touched it they are teleported to a random unoccupied space within 10 feet of the sword. Any creature teleported in this manner is Incapacitated for 1 minute as they recover from being forcefully shunted through the Ethereal Plane.

Curse. After using any feature of this sword you are Deafened for 1 minute almost as if your sense of hearing hasn’t returned along with your body after traveling through the Ethereal Plane.

You are Deafened while on the Ethereal plane and all you can hear is the voice of the sword loud and clear almost as if it is resounding all around you. Your hearing can not return to normal until you leave the Ethereal plane.