Shield of Mental Dominance armor, very rare (requires attunement)

This simple round metal shield is rimmed with a band of clear crystal that is hard as iron.

While attuned to this shield you have proficiency with Intelligence saving throws if you did not before. This shield has 3 charges that recharge on a long or short rest. While you are wielding this shield at the end of another creature’s turn you can choose to expend a number of charges to activate it.

Force of Mind. You expend 1 charge to target a creature within 30 feet and make an Intelligence check contested by the target’s Wisdom or Intelligence check (the target chooses the ability to use). If you win the contest, you knock the target prone and push it 10 feet away from you.

Mental Grasp. You expend 2 charges to instantly cast Hold Person. You use your Intelligence as your casting ability when you cast Hold Person in...

Pendant of Icy Deflection wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This pendant is a pale blue sapphire set into a wide silver base etched with the fractal patterns of morning frost. It hangs from a thin silver chain with no magical properties. This pendant has 4 charges, and regains 1d4 expended charges each dawn.

As a bonus action you can expend 1 charge, or as a reaction to being hit by a ranged weapon attack you can expend 2 charges, to activate the Pendant. When you activate the pendant it grows bitterly cold and bolts of ice dart from its center at incoming missiles. Each time you are hit by a ranged weapon attack from a creature you can see, including the triggering attack, the damage is reduced by 1d10 + your Dexterity modifier until the end of your next turn. If you reduce the damage of a missile to 0 it drops from the air at your feet, frozen...

Pendant of Forceful Deflection wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This pendant is a deep purple amethyst set into a wide black metal base etched with ever expanding ripples. It hangs from a small chain with a gap in the back where the clasp would be yet holds together despite the missing clasp. When you pull it over your head the gap expands and then retracts to fit the pendant snugly against your neck. This pendant has 4 charges, and regains 1d4 expended charges each dawn.

As a bonus action you can expend a charge to activate the pendant and create an invisible barrier of force particles around you. The first attack that hits you before the end of your next turn is reduced by 2d10 + your Constitution modifier, expending the barrier. If you reduce the damage of this attack to 0 it is reflected back and the target of the attack becomes the creature or object that attacked...

Pendant of Fiery Deflection wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This pendant is a garnet set into a wide bronze base devoid of any marking. It is warm to the touch and hangs from a similarly plain bronze chain. This pendant has 8 charges, and regains 2d4 expended charges each dawn.

As a bonus action you can activate the Pendant and it will softly flicker. Until the beginning of your next turn any time a creature you can see within 15 feet of you, including yourself, is hit by a ranged weapon attack you can choose to expend a charge to reduce the damage of the attack by 1d8 + your Dexterity modifier by blasting the missile with a searing bolt of flame from the pendant. If you reduce the damage of a missile to 0 it burns to ash before it reaches the target creature.

Greatsword of Ethereal Displacement weapon, legendary (requires attunement)

This greatsword has a blade of folded steel that shimmers in the light and a hilt adorned with pearl inlays. When you attune to it you feel a faint presence touch your mind and you hear a whisper through your thoughts. The sword can telepathically communicate with anyone touching it, but it seems far away and is barely audible. It asks you for souls, it does not care of what or whom, to be sent to the ethereal plane. Or in simpler terms, for you to kill.

Augmier's Handaxe Accelerator armor, rare

This round metal shield is very thick and has an orb embedded within its center surrounded by reinforcing bands. There is a slot on the back of the shield, through which you can clearly see that the shield is hollow.

If you insert a light thrown weapon into the slot the orb begins to glow and a distinct whirring noise can be heard from the shield. While the orb is glowing as an action you can point your shield arm at a target and speak the command word inscribed under the slot in gnomish. When you do so the weapon you put into the shield is expelled as if it melds directly through the metal with a range of 80/320. Make a ranged attack against the target, if you have proficiency with shields you have proficiency with this attack. On a successful hit you deal 2d6 damage of the weapon’s...

Gauntlet of Ghost Sight wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This leather glove has armored knuckle joints and looks as if it would come up to your elbow. When you turn it over it clearly has the visage of an eye tooled into its palm.

While wearing the gauntlet, as an action once per short rest you can open your palm in front of you and activate the gauntlet. When you do so the eye appears to snap open and survey the space in front of it. The air in front of the eye quivers in a 1 foot wide and 15 feet long beam. Any hostile creature within 5 feet of this beam takes 1d4+1 Force damage as an ethereal dart manifests from the beam and passes through cover and armor to strike them. If the beam intersects with a creature the first creature it intersects with must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or take 3d6 Psychic...

Dragon's Breath weapon, rare (requires attunement)

This quarterstaff still has its bark on it except for where a long oriental dragon twists around it, carefully carved, sanded, and oiled to a sheen.

As an action you can attempt to shove a large or smaller creature within 30 feet of you with a swipe of this weapon. As you do so they feel a strong warm wind suddenly buffet them. If you succeed they are pushed 10 feet directly away from you by the gust. You can choose to make this shove with disadvantage to slide them 5 feet in a direction of your choice instead.

Additionally, once per long rest as an action you can cast the spell Burning Hands originating from the maw of the carved dragon.

Other polearm variations of this type exist, such as a glaive or halberd, though all variations have the same dragon carved into their shaft.

Poison-Root Gauntlets wondrous, uncommon

Roots gnarl over your knuckles as you put on these living gauntlets. Dull green leaves are growing out of its gray bark alongside the knots and spines.

While you are wearing these gauntlets your unarmed attacks deal 1d4 Bludgeoning damage. Additionally, on a critical hit with these gauntlets you deal an additional 2d4 Poison damage. If you know Druidic you can verbally command these gauntlets to change their form as an action. When you do so you can change the damage type you deal with unarmed strikes while wearing these gauntlets to bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing.

Pamsprei's Blinding Chalkbow weapon, uncommon

This small crossbow has several modifications to the channel and string that make it almost impossible to fire a regular crossbow bolt. You will find however, that it is deadly accurate while firing chalk. When you fire a piece of chalk at a target with this weapon on a successful hit it does 1 + your Dexterity modifier bludgeoning damage, and on contact pulverizes into a fine 5 foot cloud. Any creatures within the cloud must make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw or be Blinded until the end of your next turn as chalk gets in their eyes.