Elytriss' Staff of Static Barriers staff, rare (requires attunement)

This singed oaken staff has a forked tongue of metal on each end and a hand grip made of padded leather. This staff holds 5 charges and regains 1d4 expended charges each dawn.

As an action you can activate the staff, and sparks can be seen flickering between the forks. As you activate the staff a panel of electricity crackles into existence at a point within 60 feet of your choosing. The writhing section of living lightning appears in any orientation you choose. It can be free floating or resting on a solid surface. It is 5-foot by 5-foot and seems to have almost no thickness. When you activate the staff you can choose to expend a number of charges. The first charge you expend changes the original panel of lightning to a 10-foot square panel, and each additional charge creates an additional 10-foot panel. You can place these panels as you wish but each panel must be contiguous with another panel.

If any creature attempts to move through or make a melee attack through any of these panels, or if any of these panels cuts through a creature’s space when it appears, the creature must make a Strength saving throw or be pushed 15 feet away from the panel and take 1d6 Lightning and 2d6 Force damage. On a successful saving throw they are not pushed and only take 1d6 Lightning damage. If you are not a caster you use your Constitution modifier as your casting ability for these saving throws.

Blossom of Eldath wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This delicate pink flower is carefully preserved with magic and will not wilt or break yet preserves its natural beauty.

While you are visibly wearing this flower you are blessed by Eldath, the goddess of peace and protection. This flower holds up to 10 charges and regains 1 charge each long rest. As an action once per long rest you can call on the blessing of Eldath to cast the spell Sanctuary on all creatures within 30 feet of you, including yourself. This blessing does not affect any creatures in combat or with their weapons drawn, but lasts until they make an attack or cast a spell that affects an enemy creature or until their next long rest.

Additionally, you may activate the Blossom by making a prayer to Eldath. When activated the center of the blossom glows with a faint yellow and pink. For the next hour you may cast any of the following spells as an action and ignoring component costs, expending a number of charges depending on the spell cast. While activated you can also cast Speak with Plants as a ritual that has a casting time of 1 minute without expending any charges. Your casting ability while using this item is 15 unless your class casting ability is higher.

1 Charge. Locate Animals or Plants, Entangle

2 Charges. Plant Growth, Greater Restoration (can not end or remove curse)

4 Charges. Plant Growth (as if cast for 8 hours), Wall of Thorns (if no creatures are within its area when cast)

Amulet of Absolute Vision wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This amulet is a single large turquoise set in silver. It doesn’t have a chain but it has a hole where it would usually hang from one.

While you are attuned to this amulet the area within 5 feet of the stone is always clearly visible to you unless you are blinded. When in any effect that is more than lightly obscuring a pale blue-green light, that is visible only to you, radiates out to 5 feet from the amulet. This light does not destroy magical darkness but you are able to clearly see within its radius no matter what.

Additionally, Whenever any Invisible creature is within 120 feet the amulet faintly pulsates. If the Invisible creature is within 5 feet of the amulet they are bathed in the pale blue-green light. When a creature is in this light they do not gain any of the benefits of Invisibility against you.

Cloud Giant's Hammer weapon(warhammer), rare

This warhammer is quite obviously made for a giant, although you have a suspicion they would call this a light hammer. The head of it is over 2 feet long and of substantial thickness. When stood on its head the iron knob at the end of its blue handle comes up to the shoulders of an average human. Judging by the crude markings and runes that could represent wind and sky chiseled into its face you can assume it’s the hammer of either a storm or cloud giant.

For its massive size it swings through the air with surprising ease, likely some form of magic to make it a more effective throwing hammer for someone of the intended size. It feels as if it weighs about 24 pounds although without the magic it probably weighs far more.

This hammer has the properties Heavy, Reach, and Two-handed. All creatures of size Large or Medium have disadvantage on their attack rolls with this hammer, and Small or smaller creatures can’t attack with it at all. On a hit this hammer does 3d8 bludgeoning damage, and on a critical hit it you can roll the damage dice three times instead of twice.

Hidden Property. If the magic on the hammer is dispelled or it enters the area of an anti-magic field the hammer instantly becomes 160 pounds and completely un-wieldable by a creature smaller than Huge until the magic is restored or it is removed from the anti-magic field.

Needle of Bloody Displacement wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This amulet has a compass rose etched into its golden surface. It is stained and tarnished, and at the southern point of the compass rose a spike the length of a finger extends straight down.

As a bonus action you can plunge the spike into yourself. You take 1d4 Piercing damage, and gain charges equal to the damage taken, as the blood flows against gravity into the compass rose and seeps into the etching. The amulet can hold up to 12 charges and loses all stored charges at dawn.

As an action you can expend a number of charges to teleport creatures you can see within 30 feet to another unoccupied space you can see within 30 feet. For each creature teleported you must expend 1 charge for every 10 feet you move them. If the creature is unwilling they must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC equal to 10 + the total charges expended this turn or be teleported against their will.

Curse. If you are magically healed you lose all stored charges in this item. Additionally, every time you use this item to teleport 1 or more creatures it creates a sigil on your skin around the most recent wound from the needle. This sigil has a number of spines radiating from it equal to the number of creatures teleported or 0 spines if you teleported yourself.

When you stab yourself with the needle you take 1 additional Necrotic damage for each sigil on your body. This damage can not be resisted.

Each day at dawn 1d4-1 random sigils disappear if you did not use this item the previous day.

Call of the Void wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

This black chunk of obsidian is a rough spherical shape with no sharp edges. As you look into its murky center you can see an almost infinitely receding sea of gold, white, and blue flecks of color. When you hold it you can swear you can hear how silent it is.

This item has 3 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend a number of its charges to create a sphere of swirling emptiness at a point within 120 feet of you. The radius of the sphere is equal to the number charges expended x 10. Space itself begins to warp within the area and each creature within the sphere must make a DC 14 Strength saving throw; a creature can choose to fail this saving throw if it wishes. On a failed save they are pulled to an unoccupied space nearest to the center of the vortex. On a successful save they take 2d8 force damage and are not moved.

This item regains all of its expended charges after a long or short rest.

Curse. The first time this item is used after a long or short rest the user takes 1d8 Necrotic damage for each charge they expended as a tiny piece of their life force is pulled into Limbo. This damage can not be resisted and if a creature goes unconscious from taking this damage a gate appears beneath them and they are sucked through it to Limbo. This gate is one-way only and can’t be reopened.

Dagger of Shadowy Displacement weapon(dagger), rare (requires attunement)

This dagger has a hilt of wrought iron, with a black opal set in its guard. The blade is chipped from obsidian, but obviously magically hardened.

If you are standing in dim light or darkness as an action you can make a thrown attack with this dagger against any creature you can see that is also in dim light or darkness as if they are within 20 feet of you.

If you have a free hand you can summon this dagger as a bonus action while standing in darkness.

Once per day as an action you can create a cloud of magical darkness, as if you cast Darkness, with a radius of 20 feet centered on yourself. This darkness lasts 1 minute and does not require concentration but while you are holding this dagger you can see through the darkness as if it was a light mist.

Deck of Many Holes wondrous, rare

This deck of playing cards has a charred purple color almost as if it was put through a dying process. The stranger part of them though is that they all have 1 or more holes punched straight through them. After studying the cards for a long or short rest you figure out that the holes correspond to how strong the magic of the card is. Each numbered card has a number of holes punched in it equal to half its value rounded down. Face cards all have 5 holes, but aces are different. They only have a single hole, and its much larger than any of the other cards’ holes.

Using Cards

As an action you may draw a card and choose to either activate it or return it to the bottom of the deck. If you activate it you may create a number of 10 foot wide 10 foot deep extradimensional holes, within 60 feet of you, equal to to the number of holes on the card. If you so choose you can make any pit you have already created 10 feet deeper instead of creating a new pit.

Using Aces

The exception to the rules are the aces. When you activate an ace you may only create a single hole, but the hole is 20 feet wide and 2d4 x 10 feet deep. These holes can only be made deeper with another ace card.

Properties of the Holes

The space within these holes exist on separate demi-planes so they do not affect structural integrity or create open passages. Each minute after a pit is created it gets 10 feet shorter until it doesn’t exist at all or until you activate the card again. If you activate the card again the extradimensional space collapses and everything within the hole is rapidly expelled through the hole(s) in the card. Creatures that are expelled in this way take 2d10 bludgeoning damage. Once a card is used to create a hole any holes punched in it disappear and it becomes a mundane, albeit still purple, playing card.

Craek's Jumping Stick wondrous, uncommon

This metal rod is about 4 feet long and straight most of the way down before telescoping to a small metal foot. It has two handles welded to the top that look like they were hacked off of a teapot, and two folding flaps attached just before the shaft begins tapering.

When you press down on the rod the tapering section resists but eventually collapses in on itself as if it has a complex spring mechanism underneath it. As a bonus action you can unfold the flaps and stand on them, one foot on each side of the rod, and as you do so you begin to bounce slightly.

Whenever you jump while riding the jumping stick you add 1d6 to your jump height or length. If this roll is lower than your dexterity modifier you can instead use your dexterity modifier. While riding the jumping stick if you enter rough terrain or fail a dexterity saving throw you automatically fall prone. However, enemies have disadvantage on attacks of opportunity against you.

Silver Bands of the Vine ring, rare (requires attunement)

These three silver rings are elegantly simple but subtly different from each other. They magically adjust to fit your first finger, second finger, and thumb. All three are etched with incredibly detailed vines and leaves on both the inside and outside. While attuned as an action you can call out to one or more rings to activate them or deactivate them. When activated each ring expands to a large razor sharp chakram in your hand, still etched with their designs which enlarge with them. These chakram are melee weapons that have the properties thrown (range 30/120), finesse, and deal 1d6 slashing damage. As a bonus action you can call to one or more chakram and they will return to your hand if possible, moving around obstacles and creatures to do so.

Rebounding Flail weapon(flail), uncommon

You might second guess calling this weapon a flail when comparing its bulk to any other. Its spherical head is attached to a reinforced ash pole about 4 feet long. The head is made out of a material you have never felt before, it is pitch black and gives slightly to the touch. When you hit things with it it rebounds slightly as if bouncing despite its solid impact. It weighs 8 pounds, has the properties Heavy, and Two-handed, and deals 1d12 bludgeoning damage.

As an action you can make an attack with reach. If this attack is successful you may use the rebound of the strike to make another attack with reach against a different target within 5 feet of the original target as a bonus action.

Farseer's Cane staff, very rare (requires attunement)

This mahogany cane is tipped with corkwood and thin red leather covers its gracefully curved handle.

If you attune to this cane it can be used as a spellcasting focus. It contains 6 charges, and recovers 1d6 expended charges at dawn.

As an action you may tap the cane twice on the ground and expend a number of charges up to the maximum remaining charges. You gain Blindsight for 10 minutes for each charge expended in this way. This blindsight applies as long as you are holding the cane, if you are not holding it you do not benefit from its effects.

Alternatively, as an action you can expend 3 charges and draw a 1 foot square in the air. The air shimmers and then a tear in space appears and a deep purple fog rolls out from it. This one-way rift lasts for 1 minute and can not physically be interacted with in any way or moved after it has been created. However, you see things as if you have Truesight while viewing them through this window.

Shooting Shot Bag wondrous, uncommon

This light leather bag is riveted to a wooden cone with a cork stopper where its drawstring would be. The bag can hold up to 20 sling bullets which just barely fit through the cone’s opening.

As an action you can uncork the bag and focus on it, choosing a target you can see that is within 120 feet of you. At the beginning of your next turn if your target is still visible and in range a bullet whistles out of the funnel darting to the target, and dealing 1d4+1 magical bludgeoning damage.

You can reload the pouch, either by placing 1 sling bullet through the funnel as a bonus action, or by spending 1 minute to reload all expended bullets.

Ironwood Sapling rod, uncommon

This rod stands about 5 feet tall and is aptly named. It appears to be a young sparse tree that had all its leaves shaken off before being cast in metal.

While you are holding this rod if you take lightning damage the damage is reduced by 1d12 once per round.

As an action you can drive this rod into the ground. Once per round while the rod is in the ground if a creature within 120 feet of the Ironwood Sapling takes lightning damage that damage is reduced by 2d12 as the lightning arcs to the tree, sapping some of it’s power. When this happens all creatures within 10 feet of the rod take 1d8 thunder damage as a small concussive wave emits from the sapling.

Lesser Mental Barrier Bracers wondrous, rare (requires attunement)

These bracers have alternating bands of silver and pearl underneath the plain leather exterior that lay flat against your skin. The bands of silver have fine barbs that poke through the bracers to make several rows of spikes.

Once per long or short rest as bonus action you can begin concentrating on the bracers as if you are concentrating on a spell. As you do so bubbles of energy grow from the spikes and coalesce into a barrier around you before fading.

For the next 10 minutes while you maintain concentration any bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage you take is reduced by your Intelligence modifier.

As an action you can focus this barrier to another creature you can see within 30 feet. If you end your turn out of sight or farther than 30 feet away from the creature the barrier returns to you. While you are focusing the barrier around another creature you do not gain any benefit from it but must maintain concentration.

Greater Mental Barrier Bracers wondrous, very rare (requires attunement by a Creature with at least 15 Intelligence)

These bracers have a layer of leather to give them their flexibility but the bands of silver underneath the leather are apparent, not to mention the plates of silver with pearl inlays along the back of the bracers. Extending backwards from the wrist area of each bracer is a single silver spine.

Once per long or short rest as a bonus action you can begin concentrating on the bracers as if you are concentrating on a spell. As you do so large translucent bubbles project from the spines and coalesce into a sphere around you. For the next 10 minutes while you maintain concentration any damage you, or any other creature you consider friendly within 15 feet of you, take is reduced by your Intelligence modifier. This effect does not apply to psychic damage.

Reynier's Cold light wondrous, uncommon

This bullseye lantern’s glass pane is frosted over but it still emits a strong blue light in a 60-foot cone and dim light for an additional 60 feet. This light can’t be turned off nor does it require fuel but instead of the lantern emitting heat it instead has a chilled aura as if a cool autumn breeze is constantly blowing about it.

Any Ooze or Shapeshifter that begins or ends its turn within the bright light of this lantern takes 1 cold damage.

Pamsprei's Peephole wand, uncommon

This wand has a 2 inch glass ball at the end of it that can be used much like a magnifying glass.

As an action you can tap the ball on a wooden, plaster, or stone surface (such as a wall, ceiling, or floor) to create a small hole the same diameter as the ball itself up to 6 feet deep. This lasts up to 1 minute or until you make another such hole and creates no instability in a structure around it. When the hole disappears any objects or creatures that may have managed to fit into it are ejected in a space nearest to the surface the hole was created on.

Armor of Vanishing armor(light, medium), rare

This armor has a plate of silver polished to a mirror finish embedded in the middle of its chest.

While you are wearing this armor if you are struck with a critical hit and it does not knock you unconscious you turn Invisible until the end of your next turn, or until you attack or cast a spell. Additionally, after each long or short rest while wearing this armor you gain +5 to Dexterity(Stealth) checks and initiative rolls for the next hour or until you make an attack or cast a spell.

Abacus of Probability wondrous, very rare (requires attunement)

This wooden abacus has fortune telling symbols painted across its beads. It sometimes seems to have a mind of its own, and it will lock up for a brief moment before the beads spin then stop with several symbols facing upwards before moving as normal again. Once per short rest as an action you can ask the abacus what the chance of an action happening is.

You can ask it about a course of action or the chance of death for one creature you can see.

When you ask it about an action you are about to take the abacus casts Augury, ignoring components and casting time, revealing the answer it uncovers with the symbols on the beads. When Augury is cast in this way there is no cumulative chance to get a random reading.

When you ask it about the chance of death the beads begin roiling and rapidly moving back and forth, revealing a number of skull symbols. Roll a d100 and the creature you asked the abacus about takes psychic damage equal to 50 less than the result of the roll. If this is a negative number they take no damage.