ID Name Type Sub-Types Rarity Attune Curse Suggested Classes School Roles Damage Types Tags Last Edited
246 Amulet of Nebu Wondrous Item Very Rare Yes Cleric, Paladin Conjuration Attack Radiant Mythology, At Dawn, Blinded 2019-06-28
245 Apollo's Blessed Hide Armor Armor Hide Very Rare Yes Cleric, Ranger, Rogue Defense, Attack Spellcasting, Mythology, At Dawn, Short Rest, Disadvatange 2019-06-27
244 Gungnir Weapon Spear Legendary Yes Yes Fighter, Paladin Divination Attack Radiant Thrown, Ethereal, Invisible, Mythology 2019-06-26
243 Golden Bow of Apollo Weapon Longbow Very Rare Yes Ranger, Cleric, Bard Evocation Attack Radiant Undead, Fiend, Immunity, Poisoned, At Dawn, Mythology 2019-06-24
242 Thread of Theseus Wondrous Very Rare Yes Yes All Transmutation Utility Truesight, Mythology 2019-06-24
241 Book of Thoth Wondrous Book Legendary Yes Yes Druid, Warlock, Wizard Divination Utility Wisdom, Spellcasting, Illusions, Mythology 2019-06-20
240 Tears of Ra Potion Thrown, Consumable Rare Cleric, Druid, Ranger Conjuration Attack Piercing Summoning, Mythology 2019-06-20
239 Plate Armor of the Spider Armor Plate Very Rare Yes Yes Cleric, Fighter, Paladin Conjuration Defense, Utility Spellcasting, Bonus Action, Spider 2019-08-01
238 Brazier of Eternal Night Wondrous Legendary All Illusion Utility Light, Charges, Visibility, Dim Light, Darkness, Obscured 2019-03-14
237 Bottle of Sudden Dusk Wondrous Very Rare Bard, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard Illusion Utility Light, Charges, Visibility, Dim Light, Darkness, Obscured 2019-03-14
236 Bottle of Sudden Twilight Wondrous Rare Bard, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard Illusion Utility Light, Charges, Visibility, Dim Light, Obscured 2019-03-13
235 Anti-Sorcery Sphere Wondrous Legendary Yes Fighter, Rogue Abjuration Defense Antimagic, Spellcasting, Years, Charges, At Dawn 2019-03-10
234 Thundering Chime Wondrous Uncommon Yes Barbarian, Fighter, Sorcerer, Wizard Abjuration Attack, Defense Thunder, Saving Throw, Sound 2019-03-09
233 Eaglewood Bow Weapon Shortbow, Longbow Rare Fighter, Ranger, Rogue Divination Attack Piercing Charges, At Dawn, Sight 2019-03-05
232 Greater Deathsbane Shield Armor Shield Very Rare Yes Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin Abjuration Defense Necrotic, Advantage, Death 2019-03-04
231 Deathsbane Shield Armor Shield Uncommon Yes Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin Abjuration Defense Necrotic, Advantage, Death 2019-03-04
230 Sun Serpent Weapon Quarterstaff Very Rare Yes Yes Monk, Sorcerer, Warlock Ancient Attack Lightning, Fire 2019-02-27
229 Desert's Reach Weapon Halberd Rare Yes Barbarian, Druid, Fighter, Ranger Constitution, Desert, Short Rest 2019-02-04
228 Greater Charm of the Eye Wondrous Necklace Rare Yes Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger Enchantment Attack Attack of Opportunity, Disadvantage, Wisdom, Truesight, At Dawn, Bonus Action, Auto Fail 2018-12-26
227 Thrym’s Frigid Armament Armor Chainmail Very Rare Yes Fighter, Ranger, Paladin Evocation Attack, Defense Cold Charges, At Dawn, Constitution, Restrained, Ice, Deity, Divine 2019-01-02
226 Circlet of The Tide Wondrous Headband Very Rare Yes Druid, Monk, Sorcerer Evocation Attack Bludgeoning Charges, At Dawn, Dexterity, Deity 2018-12-31
225 Surtr's Infernal Amulet Wondrous Necklace Very Rare Yes Barbarian, Cleric, Paladin, Sorcerer Evocation Attack Fire Charges, At Dawn, Dexterity, Constitution, Initiative, Reaction, Deity 2018-12-30
224 Cloak of the Storm Wondrous Clothes Very Rare Yes Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard Evocation Utility Lightning Charges, At Dawn, Dexterity, Strength, Movement, Initiative, Reaction, Deity 2018-12-29
223 Lesser Armory of Asmodeus Wondrous Weapon Very Rare Yes Fighter, Monk, Ranger Evocation Attack Lightning, Various Charges, At Dawn, Charisma, Dexterity, Transforming, Deity 2018-12-28
222 Derrahk's Stone Javelin Weapon Javelin Rare Yes Barbarian, Fighter Conjuration Attack Piercing Constitution, Strength, Summoning, Stone, Restrained, Charges, At Dawn 2018-12-19
221 Remorhaz's Plate Armor Armor Plate Rare Yes Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger Abjuration Defense Constitution, Charges, At Dawn, Climate, Reduce, Resistance 2018-10-30
220 G'nehr's Vest of Vines Armor Light Armor Rare Yes Druid, Ranger Abjuration Defense Living, Druidic, Bonus Action, Non-metal 2019-02-25
218 Augmier's Shattered Sphere Wondrous Rare Yes Bard, Cleric, Wizard Evocation Attack Fire, Cold, Acid, Lightning Multiple, Reaction, Bonus Action 2018-08-31
216 Spined Bucklers Wondrous Armor Rare Yes Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger Abjuration Attack, Defense Piercing Armor Class, Melee, Bonus Action 2018-06-20
211 Scroll of Loudness Scroll Common Bard, Wizard Evocation Utility Sound, Noisy 2018-05-30
210 Reynier’s Miniature Raincloud Scroll Uncommon Cleric, Druid, Ranger Conjuration Utility Lightning Dexterity, Water, Weather 2018-05-30
209 Immovable Scroll Scroll Common Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard Transmutation Utility 2018-05-30
208 Scroll of Weapon Mimicking Scroll Common Bard, Rogue, Wizard Transmutation Utility Copy, Damage 2018-05-30
207 G'nehr's Woodland Wrath Wondrous Item Rare Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer Conjuration Utility Spellcasting, DM Choice 2018-05-24
206 G'nehr's Arboreal Arsenal Wondrous Rare Yes Druid, Ranger Transmutation Attack Mixed At Dawn, Charges 2018-10-26
205 G'nehr's Ceremonial Censer Wondrous Uncommon Yes Cleric, Druid, Monk, Ranger Enchantment Utility Constitution, Initiative, Intelligence, Wisdom, Fear, Exhaustion 2018-04-12
204 Grinder of Many Spices Wondrous Uncommon Bard, Druid, Ranger, Rogue Transmutation Attack Mixed Intelligence, Wisdom, Blinding, Charmed, Reaction, Short Rest, Charges 2018-04-12
202 Helm of the Hummingbird Wondrous Armor, Helmet Rare Yes Cleric, Fighter, Wizard Transmutation Utility Exhaustion, Movement, Short Rest 2018-03-29
201 Gloves of Nullification Wondrous Gloves Rare Yes Monk, Barbarian, Fighter Evocation Attack Concentration, Constitution, Spellcasting 2018-10-23
200 Greater Gauntlets of the Glacier Wondrous Armor, Gloves Legendary Yes Barbarian, Fighter, Monk Evocation Mixed Cold Aura, Constitution, Grapple, Movement, Resistance, Restrained, Short Rest 2018-02-27
199 Spider's Sting Weapon Shortsword, Rapier, Dagger Rare Yes Yes Fighter, Rogue, Warlock Divination Attack Piercing Poison, Invisible, Blinded 2018-02-22
192 Staff of Ioun Staff Very Rare Yes Enchantment Utility Ioun 2019-09-11
191 Ioun Stone: Repel Wondrous Very Rare Yes Fighter, Barbarian, Paladin Abjuration Defense Ioun, Strength, Movement 2019-09-11
190 Reynier's Overwhelming Beam Rod Rare Evocation Utility 2017-08-25
188 Big Annihilating Divination Crossbow Weapon Heavy Crossbow Very Rare Yes Ranger, Rogue Divination Attack Thunder, Piercing Deafened 2017-10-14
186 Weapon of the Forgotten Pact Weapon any melee weapon Rare Yes Yes Evocation Attack Mixed Wisdom, Bonus Action 2017-10-04
184 Tapestry of the Great Hall Wondrous Legendary Yes Conjuration Utility Teleportation 2017-09-29
183 Reynier's Amulet of Radiance Wondrous Necklace Uncommon All Evocation Attack Radiant Light, Undead 2017-09-29
182 Living Wooden Blade Weapon any sword Rare Yes Barbarian, Druid, Ranger Conjuration Attack Mixed Spellcasting, Non-metal 2017-09-29
181 Archangel's Halo Wondrous Very Rare Yes Yes Evocation Attack Radiant Angelic 2017-09-06
179 Aboleth's Tentacle Wondrous Very Rare Necromancy Attack Mixed 2017-08-17
178 Little Red Planar Hood Wondrous Very Rare Yes Yes Conjuration Utility Planar 2017-08-03
176 Augmier's Scorching Orb Wondrous Rare Evocation Attack Fire 2019-09-06
175 Warhammer of Retribution Weapon Warhammer Very Rare Yes Yes Transmutation Charisma, Prone, Movement, Abberation, Fiend, Undead 2019-09-06
174 Elytriss' Rod of Numbing Weapon Club Rare Evocation Attack Lightning Stunned 2019-09-06
173 Elytriss' Staff of Static Barriers Staff Rare Yes Sorcerer, Monk, Wizard Conjuration Defense Lightning, Force Charges, At Dawn, Strength, Constitution 2017-07-06
172 Blossom of Eldath Wondrous Very Rare Yes All Ancient Utility Long Rest, Spellcasting 2018-06-07
171 Amulet of Absolute Vision Wondrous Necklace Rare Yes Bard, Ranger, Cleric Divination Utility Invisbility 2017-06-15
170 Cloud Giant's Hammer Weapon Warhammer Rare Fighter, Barbarians Transmutation Attack Blundeoning, Lightning Hidden Property, Oversize, Lightning, Reach 2018-05-31
169 Needle of Bloody Displacement Wondrous Necklace Very Rare Yes Yes Warlocks, Sorcerer Conjuration Utility Piercing, Necrotic Bonus Action, Charges, Teleport, Constitution 2019-02-14
168 Call of the Void Wondrous Rare Yes Yes Wizard, Warlock, Sorcerer Conjuration Force, Necrotic Charges, Strength, Short Rest, Constitution, Planar 2017-05-24
167 Dagger of Shadowy Displacement Weapon Dagger Rare Yes Rogue, Monk, Warlock Conjuration Attack Piercing Teleportation, Bonus Action, Darkness 2017-05-18
166 Deck of Many Holes Wondrous Cards Very Rare All Conjuration Attack, Utility Bludgeoning Dimensions, Deck, Purple 2018-01-24
165 Craek's Jumping Stick Wondrous Item Uncommon Monk, Rogue Transmutation Movement, Jumping, Attack of Opportunity, Dexterity, Prone 2018-05-30
164 Silver Bands of the Vine Ring Rare Yes Rogue, Monk, Bard, Ranger Transmutation Attack Slashing Thrown 2017-04-15
163 Rebounding Flail Weapon Flail Uncommon Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian Transmutation Attack Bludgeoning Bonus Action, Reach 2017-04-12
162 Farseer's Cane Staff Very Rare Yes All Divination Utility Truesight, Charges, Blindsight 2017-03-23
161 Ironwood Sapling Rod Uncommon All Abjuration Lightning Lightning, Thunder 2017-03-11
160 Shooting Shot Bag Wondrous Item All Transmutation Attack Bludgeoning Bonus Action 2017-03-17
159 Greater Mental Barrier Bracers Wondrous Armor Very Rare Yes Wizard Abjuration Short Rest, Bonus Action, Concentration, Intelligence 2017-02-22
158 Lesser Mental Barrier Bracers Wondrous Armor Rare Yes Wizard Abjuration Short Rest, Bonus Action, Concentration, Intelligence 2017-02-22
157 Armor of Vanishing Armor Light, Medium Rare Cleric, Rogue, Wizard Illusion Critical, Invisibile, Dexterity, Stealth, Initiative 2019-02-25
156 Pamsprei's Peephole Wand Uncommon Rogue Transmutation Utility Pamsprei 2017-02-15
155 Reynier's Cold light Wondrous Lantern Uncommon All Evocation Utility Cold Light, Ooze, Shapeshifter 2017-02-15
154 Abacus of Probability Wondrous Item Very Rare Yes All Divination Mixed Psychic 2017-02-13
152 Bones of a Wandering Soul Wondrous Rare Yes Yes Cleric, Rogue, Wizard Necromancy Mixed Necrotic Incapacitated 2017-02-03
151 Circlet of Mental Fortitude Wondrous Headband Very Rare Yes All Abjuration Defense Charges, At Dawn, Proficiency 2017-02-01
150 Robe of the Brotherhood Armor Chain shirt Rare Yes Cleric, Paladin, Bard, Ranger Enchantment Auxiliary Help, Charges, At Dawn 2017-01-27
149 Berserker Belt Wondrous Clothing Rare Yes Barbarian, Druid, Fighter Abjuration Defense Temporary Hitpoints, Long Rest, Exhaustion 2017-01-27
148 Iron Curtain Wondrous Uncommon Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger Abjuration Defense Bonus Action, Resistance, Restrained 2017-01-26
147 Phantom Mask of Manipulation Wondrous Rare Yes Bard, Rogue Enchantment Utility Dim Light, Spellcasting 2017-01-26
146 Chains of the Brothers in Arms Wondrous Rare Fighter, Rogue, Paladin Conjuration Attack Partner, Constitution, Restrained 2017-01-26
145 Instrument of Bardic Assistance Wondrous Rare Yes Bard, Cleric Abjuration Utility Bonus Action, Help, Charisma, Temporary Hitpoints 2017-01-26
144 Right Hand of the Reaper Wondrous Clothing Very Rare Yes Yes Monk, Rogue, Warlock Necromancy Attack Necrotic Sickle, Wisdom, Unarmed 2017-01-18
143 Vial of the Watery Steed Wondrous Rare All Transmutation Utility Familiar, Sentient 2018-11-08
142 Compelling Necklace of the Beast Wondrous Item Very Rare Druid, Ranger Enchantment Defense Psychic Familiar 2017-01-12
141 Helm of Selective Hearing Wondrous Armor, Helmet Rare Yes Bard, Wizard Divination Utility Deafened, Disadvatage, Sound 2017-01-10
140 Melf's Meteor Helm Wondrous Armor, Helmet Rare Yes Barbarian, Sorcerer, Cleric Conjuration Attack Fire Bonus Action, Dexterity 2017-01-09
139 Shield of Mental Dominance Armor Shield Very Rare Yes Wizard Enchantment Defense Charges, Long Rest, Short Rest, Intelligence, Wisdom, Spellcasting 2019-01-23
138 Ring of the Sudden Strike Ring Very Rare Yes Yes Fighter, Rogue Evocation Attack Necrotic 2017-01-05
137 Ancient Sword of the Scribe Weapon Shortsword Rare Yes Bard, Cleric Enchantment Attack, Utility Disadvantage, Short Rest 2017-01-05
136 Pendant of Fiery Deflection Wondrous Necklace Very Rare Yes Cleric, Paladin, Sorcerer Abjuration Defense Charges, At Dawn, Bonus Action, Dexterity 2017-01-04
135 Pendant of Forceful Deflection Wondrous Very Rare Yes Monk, Sorcerer, Warlock Abjuration Defense Bonus Action, Constitution, Charges, At Dawn 2017-01-04
134 Pendant of Icy Deflection Wondrous Necklace Very Rare Yes Barbarian, Monk, Sorcerer Abjuration Defense Charges, At Dawn, Bonus Action, Dexterity 2017-01-04
133 Greatsword of Ethereal Displacement Weapon Greatsword Legendary Yes Yes Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin Conjuration Attack Planar, Sentient, Teleportation, Spellcasting, Incapacitated, Deafened, Short Rest 2017-01-02
132 Augmier's Handaxe Accelerator Armor Shield Rare Cleric, Fighter, Paladin Transmutation Mixed Augmier, Gnomish, Orb 2019-02-25
131 Dragon's Breath Weapon Quarterstaff, Glaive, Halberd Rare Yes Druid, Monk, Sorcerer Evocation Attack Fire Long Rest, Movement, Spellcasting 2018-12-19
130 Gauntlet of Ghost Sight Wondrous Very Rare Yes Cleric, Warlock, Wizard Divination Attack Force Wisdom, Truesight 2016-12-29
129 Poison-Root Gauntlets Wondrous Uncommon Druid, Monk Transmutation Attack Poison, Mixed Unarmed 2016-12-28
128 Pamsprei's Blinding Chalkbow Weapon Hand Crossbow Uncommon Fighter, Ranger Dexterity, Constitution, Blinded 2016-12-28
127 Meteor Hammer Wondrous Very Rare Yes Barbarian, Monk, Paladin Transmutation Attack Bludgeoning Dexterity 2016-12-27
126 Scrap Musket Weapon Special Rare Fighter, Ranger Transmutation Attack Bludgeoning, Piercing Dexterity, Strength 2018-06-02
125 Scroll of the Copycat Scroll Common All Transmutation Utility 2016-12-20
124 Infernal Keyring Wondrous Very Rare Yes Yes Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard Enchantment Attack Fire Spellcasting, Constitution 2016-12-19
123 Patchwork Scroll Scroll Common All Transmutation Utility 2016-12-19
122 Reynier's Bag of Sunshine Wondrous Common Bard, Cleric Evocation Utility Light, Reynier 2016-12-18
121 War Machete Weapon Shortsword Rare Yes Fighter, Ranger, Rogue Conjuration Attack Slashing, Piercing, Force Bonus Action, Bastion 2019-02-14
120 Breaker's Bow Weapon Longbow Rare Yes Barbarian, Cleric, Ranger Evocation Attack Piercing, Radiant Strength, Bastion 2019-02-14
118 Crossbow Cannon Weapon Crossbow, Special Uncommon Barbarian, Ranger, Fighter Piercing 2016-12-07
117 Fang Repeater Weapon Hand Crossbow Rare Ranger, Rogue Transmutation Attack Piercing Bastion 2019-02-14
116 Cael Hammer Weapon Warhammer Rare Yes Fighter, Paladin Transmutation Attack Bludgeoning Long Rest, Critical, Bastion 2019-02-14
115 Augmier's Homemade Buckshot Cannon Wondrous Uncommon Fighter Conjuration Attack Bludgeoning Dexterity, Augmier 2016-12-01
114 Bear of Resting Wondrous Uncommon Barbarian, Bard, Cleric Abjuration Defense Temporary Hitpoints 2019-09-03
113 Mummified Hand of Delilah Wondrous Item Very Rare Yes Warlock, Wizard Necromancy Attack Necrotic Wisdom, Charmed 2018-05-27
112 Heart of the Mountain Wondrous Item Very Rare Yes Yes Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard Transmutation Defense Dwarven, Spellcasting, Exhaustion 2016-11-29
111 Roaring Hammer of Resonance Weapon Warhammer Very Rare Cleric, Fighter, Paladin Evocation Attack Thunder Thunder 2016-11-28
110 Blue Arcing Blade Weapon Rare Yes Yes Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer Conjuration Attack Lightning Lightning, Water, Curse Purge, Dexterity, Long Rest 2018-05-27
109 Jar of Fairy Light Wondrous Item Common Warlock, Wizard Evocation Auxiliary Light, Spellcasting 2016-11-27
108 Bust of the Arcane Sculptor Wondrous Item Very Rare Yes Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard Evocation Auxiliary Spellcasting 2018-12-26
107 Chain of the Abyss Armor Chain Shirt, Chain Mail Rare Yes Yes Fighter, Warlock Conjuration Defense Necrotic Planar, Strength, Restrained, Resistance 2019-02-25
106 Wooden Walker of the Circle Wondrous Sentient Very Rare Druid, Ranger Transmutation Auxiliary Vehicle 2018-05-27
104 Bandolier of the Blade Wraith Weapon Shortsword, Special Very Rare Yes Fighter, Sorcerer, Warlock Transmutation Attack Slashing 2018-06-22
103 Ring of Rapid Regeneration Ring Uncommon Barbarian, Fighter Enchantment Defense Temporary Hitpoints 2018-05-26
102 Granite Orbiting Hammer Weapon Warhammer Rare Yes Barbarian, Fighter Transmutation Attack Bludgeoning Stone, Dwarven, Heavy 2016-11-21
101 Necklace of Draconic Ancestry Wondrous Necklace Very Rare Yes Barbarian, Monk, Sorcerer Evocation Attack Varies Alignment, Race 2016-11-21
100 Binding Bolts of the Kraken Weapon Ammunition Very Rare Ranger, Warlock Necromancy Attack Necrotic Ammunition 2016-11-21
99 Moonscraper Weapon Greatsword Uncommon Yes Fighter, Paladin Transmutation Attack, Defense Slashing Transforming 2016-11-19
98 Lantern of Light Manipulation Wondrous Lantern Common Bard, Cleric Conjuration Utility Light, Darkness 2016-11-18
97 Corrupted Hammer of Life Weapon Warhammer Rare Yes Yes Fighter, Paladin Necromancy Attack Bludgeoning, Necrotic, Radiant Tradeoff, Constitution, Undead, Critical, Healing 2016-11-17
96 Ring of the Golden Defender Ring Varies Paladin, Cleric, Monk Evocation Attack, Defense, Healing Radiant Evolving, Constitution, Unarmed, Spellcasting, Armor Class, Charges, At Dawn, Divine 2016-11-16
95 Lead Hex Crossbow Weapon Hand Crossbow, Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow Rare Ranger, Rogue Enchantment Attack Piercing Movement, Weight, Restrained 2016-11-16
94 Ring of Eldritch Energy Ring Rare Yes Yes Warlock, Wizard Necromancy Attack Cold, Necrotic Spellcasting, Hit Dice, Short Rest, Special Curse, Tradeoff 2018-03-28
89 Cloak of Conspicuous Armor Wondrous Clothing Common All Illusion Utility Armor 2018-03-28
88 Teacup of the Tempest Wondrous Item Very Rare Yes Barbarian Evocation Attack Bludgeoning Exhaustion, Dexterity, Strength, Aura, Bludgeoning, Charges 2016-11-10
87 Axe of the Swarm Weapon Battleaxe, Greataxe Rare Barbarian, Ranger Conjuration Attack Slashing, Piercing Critical, Animal Handling, Piercing 2016-11-09
86 Jar of Hoarder Beetles Wondrous Item Common Druid, Ranger Unidentifiable Utility Sentient 2016-11-09
85 Bloodwraught Armor Shield Rare Yes Yes Fighter, Warlock Necromancy Defense Necrotic Reaction, Armor Class, Necrotic, Barrier, Ramping 2016-11-09
84 Black Scorpion Weapon Scimitar and Dagger Rare Fighter, Warlock Necromancy Attack Necrotic, Piercing, Slashing Dual, Necrotic, Reach 2016-11-08
83 Pen of Many Messages Wondrous Item Rare Yes Bard, Wizard Conjuration Utility Spellcasting, Focus 2016-11-08
82 Storm Whip Weapon Whip Rare Sorcerer, Wizard Evocation Attack Lightning Lightning, Constitution, Blinded, Strength, Pull 2018-03-05
81 Death's Scales Wondrous Item Legendary Yes Warlock, Wizard Necromancy Attack, Healing, Utility Spellcasting 2016-11-08
80 Mummified Cloth of the Void Wondrous Clothing Rare Yes Monk Conjuration Attack Bonus Action, Teleport, Unarmed 2016-11-07
79 Urn of the Lava Bearer Wondrous Item Rare Yes Sorcerer Transmutation Attack Fire Aura, Charges, Dawn, Fire 2016-11-07
78 Molten Gold of the Alchemist Wondrous Item Rare Yes Sorcerer, Wizard, Bard Transmutation Utility Weight 2016-11-07
77 Arctic Beans Wondrous Item Rare Druid, Ranger Transmutation Utility Cold Cold, Constitution 2016-11-06
76 Battlemaster's Board Wondrous Item Legendary Yes Wizard, Cleric Necromancy Attack, Utility Control 2019-09-03
75 Hide of the Behir Armor Hide Very Rare Yes Fighter, Sorcerer Evocation Attack Lightning Lightning, Resistance, Constitution, Grapple, Concentration, Long Rest 2019-02-25
74 Cloak of the Porcupine Wondrous Clothing Uncommon Ranger, Fighter Abjuration Auxiliary, Defense Piercing Piercing, Disengage, Grapple 2016-11-03
73 Staff of Thundering Orbs Staff Rare Yes Wizard, Sorcerer, Druid Conjuration Attack Thunder Bubbles, Constitution, Charges, At Dawn, Cone, Thunder 2016-11-03
71 Spiderwood Seed Wondrous Consumable Very Rare Yes Yes Warlock, Druid Necromancy Attack Piercing Tradeoff, Prone, Hit Dice, Exhaustion, Climbing, Spider 2019-03-12
70 Shoon’s Golden Cube Wondrous Item Artifact Yes Yes Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger Enchantment Attack Necrotic Necrotic, Spellcasting 2016-11-02
69 Tiny Boulder Wondrous Item Uncommon Ranger, Sorcerer Transmutation Attack Bludgeoning Bludgeoning, Dexterity 2016-11-01
68 Watery Shield Wondrous Item Rare Sorcerer, Druid Abjuration Defense Planar, Water 2016-11-01
67 Whistle of the Wind Wondrous Item Uncommon Sorcerer, Bard, Druid Evocation Utility Movement, Bonus Action 2016-10-28
66 Deck of Many Hands Wondrous Cards Legendary Yes Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock Conjuration Utility, Attack, Defense Necrotic, Piercing Deck, Bonus Action, Necrotic, Piercing 2019-09-03
65 Necklace of Many Hands Wondrous Necklace Uncommon Yes Rogue, Warlock, Wizard Conjuration Utility Spellcasting 2016-10-27
64 Necklace of Tree Striding Wondrous Necklace Rare Yes Ranger, Rogue, Warlock Conjuration Utility Charges, At Dawn 2016-10-27
63 Babylonian Amulet of Hearing Wondrous Necklace Common Bard, Druid, Paladin, Ranger Divination Utility Language 2016-10-26
62 Babylonian Amulet of Speech Wondrous Necklace Common Bard, Paladin Divination Utility Language 2016-10-26
61 Comb of Vanity Wondrous Item Uncommon Bard, Paladin Transmutation Attack Slashing Unarmed 2016-10-25
60 Armor of Arcane Retaliation Armor Breastplate, Half Plate, Plate Very Rare Yes Fighter, Paladin Evocation Attack, Defense Force Resistance, Dexterity, Charges, Reaction, Elemental 2019-09-12
59 Plate of the Protector Armor Breastplate, Half Plate, Plate Rare Yes Cleric, Paladin Abjuration Utility, Auxiliary Divine, Spellcasting 2016-11-24
58 Bracers of the Bodyguard Wondrous Armor Rare Yes Cleric, Paladin Abjuration Utility Spellcasting 2016-10-23
57 Augmier’s Boots of Travel Wondrous Boots Rare Monk, Fighter Evocation Auxiliary Movement, Charges, At Dawn 2016-10-22
56 Boots of Blasting Wondrous Boots Uncommon All Transmutation Auxiliary Force Movement, Falling 2019-02-26
55 Augmier's Blast Shield Wondrous Item Rare Bard, Fighter Abjuration Defense Force, Augmier 2016-10-20
54 Armoring Aegis Armor Shield Very Rare Fighter, Paladin Abjuration Defense Bonus Action, Armor Class, Heavy 2016-10-20
53 Augmier's Orb of Armament Wondrous Item Uncommon Rogue, Warlock, Wizard Conjuratio Attack Storage, Augmier 2016-10-19
52 Stage of the Mime Wondrous Uncommon Bard, Rogue Illusion Utility At Dawn, Charges 2016-10-19
51 Lesser Gloves of Silence Wondrous Clothing, Gloves Rare Yes Bard, Rogue Illusion Attack Psychic Silence 2016-10-19
50 Greater Gloves of Silence Wondrous Clothing, Gloves Very Rare Yes Bard, Rogue Illusion Attack Psychic Performance, Silence 2016-10-19
49 Cloak of Hot Air Wondrous Clothing Common All Illusion Charisma, Advantage, Medciocre 2019-02-26
48 Matador's Mantle Wondrous Clothing Mediocre Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger Illusion Auxiliary Movement 2016-10-17
47 Channeling Circuits Tattoo Common All Auxiliary Spellcasting, Short Rest, Reaction 2019-02-26
46 Gloves of Channeling Wondrous Clothing, Gloves Mediocre Rogue, Sorcerer Evocation Auxiliary At Dawn, Charges, Spellcasting 2016-10-17
44 Wand of Mending Wand Uncommon All Transmutation Utility Charges, Spellcasting 2016-10-15
43 Needle of Mending Wondrous Item Common All Transmutation Utility 2016-10-15
42 Derrahk’s Portable Battlement Armor Shield Rare Yes Fighter, Paladin, Ranger Abjuration Defense Cover, Stone, Restrained 2016-10-13
41 Dionysus' Decanter Wondrous Item Common Barbarian, Monk, Ranger Transmutation Utility 2016-10-12
40 Scroll of Scrolling Scroll Common Bard, Cleric, Wizard Transmutation Utility 2016-10-12
39 Vial of Thundering Orbs Potion Consumable, Multi Use Uncommon Bard, Ranger, Sorcerer, Warlock Evocation Attack Thunder Noisy, Charges 2017-10-20
38 Satchel of 'Splosions Wondrous Storage Mediocre Bard, Sorcerer Conjuration Attack Piercing Explosion, Fire 2016-09-12
37 Derrahk's Stone Bracers Wondrous Armor Rare Yes Barbarian, Bard, Sorcerer Transmutation Attack, Utility Bludgeoning Spellcasting, Stone, Constitution, Long Rest 2016-08-27
36 Charm of the Eye Wondrous Necklace Uncommon Yes Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger Enchantment Attack Attack of Opportunity, Disadvantage, Wisdom 2018-12-26
35 Scarf of Summoning Wondrous Clothing Mediocre Bard, Sorcerer Conjuration Utility Summoning 2016-07-04
34 Sahaguin Stimulant Potion Consumable Uncommon Barbarian, Fighter Abjuration Attack, Defense Temporary Hitpoints, Poisoned, Long Rest 2017-10-16
33 Gentleman's Gloves Wondrous Clothing, Gloves Mediocre Yes Monk, Fighter, Rogue Transmutation Auxiliary Tradeoff, Bonus Action 2016-07-03
32 Folded Friends Wondrous Item common Bard, Wizard, Rogue Transmutation Utility Sentient 2018-03-06
29 Desert Wanderer's Friend Scroll Common All Transmutation Utility Timer, Mediocre, Sand 2016-06-30
28 Dryad's Grapes Wondrous Item Common Druid, Ranger Transmutation Utility Living, Charges, Dexterity, Distadvantage, Prone 2019-02-27
26 Bond of Paternity/Maternity Tattoo Common All Enchantment Auxiliary 2019-02-26
25 Bond of Battle Tattoo Uncommon Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, Monk Enchantment Defense Tradeoff, Armor Class, Perception, Disadvantage 2019-02-26
24 Eyes of the Blind Tattoo Uncommon All Necromancy Auxiliary Tradeoff, Sight, Short Rest 2019-02-26
23 Lover's Link Tattoo Common All Necromancy Auxiliary Tradeoff, Mediocre 2019-02-26
22 Band of Brothers Tattoo Uncommon All Divination Auxiliary Life, Tradeoff, Advantage 2019-02-26
21 Courtier's Scroll Scroll Common All Transmutation Utility Mediocre, Flower, Random 2019-02-26
20 Hearthstone Wondrous Item Common Cleric, Paladin Abjuration Healing Fire Climate, Temperature, Aura, Advantage 2019-02-26
19 Satchel of Subpar Sorting Wondrous Storage Mediocre Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard Conjuration Utility Storage 2016-06-30
18 Satchel of Superior Sorting Wondrous Storage Mediocre Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard Conjuration Utility Storage 2016-06-16
17 Pamsprei's Boots Wondrous Boots Mediocre Fighter, Monk Transmutation Auxiliary Movement, Pamsprei 2016-06-14
15 Extract of Poison Potion Consumable Uncommon All Unidentifiable Mixed Poison Elemental, Constitution, Poisoned, Paralyzed 2016-06-24
14 Extract of Acid Potion Thrown Uncommon All Unidentifiable Mixed Acid Elemental, Dexterity 2016-06-24
13 Extract of Lightning Potion Thrown Uncommon All Unidentifiable Attack Lightning Elemental, Dexterity, Constitution, Noisy, Blinded 2016-06-24
12 Extract of Fire Potion Thrown Uncommon All Unidentifiable Attack Fire Elemental, Dexterity 2016-06-24
11 Extract of Cold Potion Thrown, Consumable Uncommon All Unidentifiable Mixed Cold Elemental, Dexterity, Constitution, Temperature 2016-06-14
10 Scroll of Waterbreathing Scroll Common All Transmutation Utility Timer, Water, Breathing, Mediocre 2019-02-26
9 Watch of Timelessness Wondrous Item Mediocre All Enchantment Auxiliary Movement, Bonus Action 2016-04-14
8 Scroll of Magic Armor Scroll Uncommon All Abjuration Defense Timer, Lightning, Movement, Advantage, Mediocre 2019-02-26
7 Scroll of Light Spawning Scroll Common All Transmutation Utility Light, Flying, Timer, Mediocre 2019-02-26
6 Scroll of the Rod Scroll Common All Transmutation Utility Timer, Mediocre, Metal 2019-02-26
5 Permafrost Plate Armor Half Plate, Plate Very Rare Yes Fighter, Paladin Evocation Defense Cold Ice, Temperature, Climate, Aura, +Bonus 2015-12-29
4 Frostwall Guard Armor Shield Rare Yes Fighter, Paladin Evocation Defense Cold Ice, Spellcasting, Long Rest 2015-12-29
3 Spear of the Snow Weapon Spear Rare Fighter, Sorcerer Conjuration Attack Cold Ice, Blinded, Constitution 2017-10-23
2 Frozen Fang Weapon Dagger Uncommon Rogue, Sorcerer, Bard Conjuration Attack Cold Ice, At Dawn 2015-12-29
1 Gauntlets of the Glacier Wondrous Armor, Gloves Rare Yes Barbarian, Fighter Evocation Attack, Auxiliary Cold Constitution, Grapple, Ice, Restrained 2018-10-23