Staff of The Leaf Lordstaff, legendary (requires attunement by a Druid or Cleric)

This ancient staff carved from stout oak is without any ornamentation beyond its heavy gnarling and twisting, and a small inscription. If you are able to read Elven you can gather that it was created for a crusade to heal the swamps and restore balance that was lost. This staff has 8 charges and regains 1d8 expended charges each day at dawn.

Reach of Infinite Branches

When you cast Thorn Whip or Grasping Vine you can cast them from a Large or larger plant you can see, that is not hostile, as if you were there.

Tangled Canopy

You know the cantrip Thorn Whip if you did not previously, and additionally can expend a charge to cast Grasping Vine, ignoring concentration.

Roots of The Great Oak

If you expend a charge and spend 1 minute concentrating, as if concentrating on a spell, you can cast Transport Via Plants without expending a spell slot, so long as the destination plant is an oak tree.

Leaf Lord’s Blessing

As an action you can expend a charge while touching a Large tree or plant in a swamp or dead forest to stimulate it to grow so long as it is still standing. Within one hour you can notice it’s bark being restored, and buds beginning to form. You regain one expended charge for each plant healed in this way after a long or short rest.